Watch teardrop trailer with a glass roof panel expands into a multi-room cabin with its own bedroom 

The Raptor XC by Hunter Nature is probably the coolest teardrop camper you will ever see.

Normally you’d expect teardrop trailers to be tiny and compact, but this one is roomy enough to fit up to three people. This is made possible by its unique feature—a long-slide out at the rear where the lift-up tailgate galley is usually found.

At a glance, the caravan looks like any other teardrop trailer, but that changes once it’s unhitched.

The Hunter Nature Raptor XC
Hunter Nature

The nearly seven feet of expansion adds a whole room, allowing a camper family to fit a master bedroom, indoor kitchen, dining area, and wet bathroom into it.

The Raptor XC was designed to be easily towed by any mid-sized SUV over rivers and through woods, making it the perfect companion for a quick stay or a long expedition.

The vehicle boasts a sandwich of interior and exterior aluminum walls around XPS insulation. It features BFGoodrich all-terrain tire-shod alloy wheels cushioned by an independent suspension system. This means the trailer is durable enough to withstand an off-the-beaten-path journey.

The Hunter Nature Raptor XC
Hunter Nature

The rear pull-out provides a fully-insulated indoor space where campers can retire for the evening or even days at a time. The extension, which stretches the teardrop trailer body from 15.7 to 22.6 feet (4.8 to 6.9 m), can either be manually-operated or controlled with a remote.

You’ll find a master bedroom with a double bed, overhead shelves, dual skylights, and long side windows in the slide-out, allowing you to enjoy plenty of natural light and a panoramic view of the outdoors.

The master bedroom inside a Hunter Nature Raptor XC
Hunter Nature

A doorway separates the private space from the main cabin, where you will find an L-shaped dining lounge behind the kitchenette.

You can drop down the pop-up dining table at night to create a single bed for a third camper.

The kitchen comes with a two-burner gas stove, a sink, a fridge, and an L-shaped steel counter.

The kitchen inside a Hunter Nature Raptor XC
Hunter Nature

Next to the kitchen is a private wet bath that features a solid door, which you’ll rarely find in a teardrop trailer.

It comes with a toilet, sink, and shower. The bathroom has a side window and a dedicated curved front window.

The bathroom inside a Hunter Nature Raptor XC
Hunter Nature

Like the bedroom, the main cabin also features two full-length skylights and long side windows, which give the space a bright and open feel.

The main cabin inside a Hunter Nature Raptor XC
Hunter Nature

The Raptor XC is powered by a 120-Ah gel battery connected to a roof-mounted 160-W solar panel. The trailer is also equipped with a touchscreen panel where you can find system information and control several onboard components.

The caravan carries fresh water in a 120-L stainless steel tank and wastewater in a 100-L aluminum tank. A Truma Combi heater keeps both the cabin and water at an ideal temperature all year round.

A Porsche towing a Hunter Nature Raptor XC

Hunter Nature doesn’t list the Raptor XC’s price, but it is reportedly priced at €39,000 (around $43,900). However, only European residents can get their hands on one at the moment. Hopefully, it gains enough traction and makes its way across the US sooner.

Watch the Raptor XC in action in the video below.

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