Teens buy homeless man a coat and food after seeing him cry while counting his change

According to a famous song, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.” True to the lyrics of the popular Man in The Mirror, if we want to see good things in this world, then we better do good. Because great things begin from each one of us.

Three young men from Texas took the lyrics of the song to their heart. In their desire to make the world a better place to live in, they gave a homeless man a reason to smile.

Ryan Cook together with his pals named Joshua Mechell and Alberto Montiel were having a great time inside a Corpus Christi Chick-fil-A when they noticed a homeless man crying. Concerned over the well being of the poor man, the three young men decided to help the homeless man out.

“This was a homeless man that me and my buddies saw in Chick-Fil-A struggling to buy a meal. He had a worn bible on the table with a picture of Jesus and some change he was counting.” Ryan Cook shared their story on his Facebook account.

Despite being homeless and lack of money for a decent meal, the Chick-Fil-A told the three young men that the homeless man never asked for handouts. The only time he asks for help is when he needs water for his dog. Feeling bad for the homeless man, the three young men did their best to fill the man’s hungry stomach.

But their kindness and compassion for the homeless man did not stop at that. After handing out the gift card, the three of them also decided to drop by a nearby Dick’s Sporting Good shop to buy basic supplies for the homeless man that would keep him warm.

“So me and my buddies decided to go to buy him gift cards to Chick-Fil-A then decided to go to dicks and spent $50 to buy him a jacket, beanie, 3 shirts, and a first aid kit and dicks donated $20 and some display items they had.” Ryan added.

“Once we got back I took this video. After we gave him the stuff he said this is almost like Christmas because I didn’t get anything for Christmas this year. And I said just think of it as a late Christmas present.” Thanks to the golden hearts of the three young men, the homeless man felt the true spirit of Christmas days after the actual holiday.

Upon receiving the late Christmas day presents, the homeless man was once again emotional. Only this time, he was not crying out of helplessness, he was smiling out of pure joy. Thankful for the teenagers, he happily tried out his new coat.

The kindness extended by the three young men towards the homeless man went viral and reached more than 13 million of views. A lot of Facebook user commended their sweet gestures for the man who needed their help.

“You guys are beautiful inside and out. I hope others can learn from you.” A Facebook user said, hoping that they would serve as an inspiration for others.

“I honestly have tears watching this.” Another Facebook user shared how the video made her cry beautiful tears.

“This made me so happy, seeing him smile & feel cared for! Really awesome putting this guy ahead of yourself, they obviously understand that’s what it’s all about ! Super cool!” Another Facebook user expressed nothing but positive words for the kind actions of the three young men.

Despite the warm reception of people towards the video they have uploaded, some people questioned the need to post their good deed online. However, on the same Facebook post, the young men already clarified that they simply want to inspire others to help those who are in need.

“Just setting an example for everyone else. Be selfless and do good for others, then the world would be a better place for everyone. Felt the need to post this to inform others to do better not to gain anything from it” Ryan explained.

According to an interview with Inside Edition, the three young men still keep their communication open with their new friend. They also shared their plans on getting him a hotel room and a nice meal for Super Bowl Sunday.

It sure is nice to know that despite being in their teens, Ryan, Joshua, and Alberto already have a strong social responsibility over the people around them.

Watch the touching video below and see how three young men made a difference in the life of a homeless man. May their beautiful story remind us to extend a helpful hand to those who are in need in anyway we could.

Photos and Video | Ryan Cook

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  1. God Bless them everyone needs to be more like .This brings tears of joy to my eyes .G Go Bless You all three

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