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Man buys a shed, converts it into a luxury tiny home, and now rents it out for passive income

Many individuals have experienced the allure of owning a piece of land for personal use, envisioning endless possibilities and cherished moments in their private oasis.

However, the reality often sets in when they find their cherished parcel remains untouched, mainly collecting dust and unfulfilled dreams.

This common scenario raises an important question: what can one do when faced with the realization that their beloved land is seldom utilized?

A man from Washington bought a shed turned into a tiny home, named it “Claybaby,” and rents it out, providing a passive income.

Nick, the tiny home’s owner said that clay babies are circular geological formations found in the South Fork of the Skykomish River.

Nick’s business journey started when he and his wife initially bought parcels of land in Index, Washington, intending to use it as a ski getaway and river retreat.

However, they noticed the property was often unused, which sparked the idea of short-term rentals.

To explore this opportunity, they opt for a shed turned into a tiny home instead of a traditional one.

They purchased a shed in 2019 for around $8,000, which already had a front porch, siding, windows, and a roof.

While the shed required electrical and plumbing work, insulation, and wall paneling, it comes with all necessary materials, resulting in a total project cost of approximately $30,000.

Nick completed the conversion over a year and a half, connecting all systems and finishing the interior.

Various companies offer sheds for conversion purposes. In Nick’s case, the shed was delivered by a helpful individual who assisted in placing cinder blocks in a specific configuration to provide a stable foundation.

After leveling and shimming, he covered the interior with simple sheet rock and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

The property already had utility connections, simplifying the process of connecting the shed to the systems. Insulation and wall boards were installed to transform the shed into a comfortable living space.

One notable feature of Claybaby, the shed turned into tiny home, is the staircase crafted from the wood of a big leaf maple tree milled on-site, showcasing Nick’s resourcefulness and connection to nature.

It also has a charming hand-me-down swing from neighbors, which is a perfect addition to the shed’s relaxing ambiance.

Shed conversions offer advantages such as convenience and control, ensuring a warm, dry, and comfortable place to rest regardless of weather conditions.

The strategic positioning of Claybaby offers a breathtaking view of the river and cliffs of Index, captivating visitors.

The property also includes a stage that has hosted music festivals and serves as a space for children to showcase creative skits.

Nick’s tiny home measures 12 by 20 feet, with a four-foot front porch that expands the living space to 12 by 16 feet.

Inside Claybaby, you will see a luxurious space with a W Hotel vibe, blending seamlessly with the surrounding forest, river, and mountains.

Despite its compact size, the layout maximizes functionality. The interior features a loft, a bathroom, and a cozy movie-watching area.

Nick incorporated stylish chandeliers and fixtures, a quartz countertop, and reclaimed old oak flooring from their Seattle house, which dates to 1945.

The kitchen includes a sinkhole and a two-burner induction cooktop. Rock and mineral wall hangings, such as geodes from India and pyrite discs from Illinois, add a unique touch to the space.

You’ll find a small mini fridge in the kitchen area, suitable for short-term stays. However, it may not be the most effective at keeping items icy cold. It also has a simple microwave for convenience.

Above the kitchen area is a tiny loft that presents a creative and daring sleeping spot. To ensure safety, custom metal railings were installed to prevent any mishaps.

A ladder typically used for car rooftops provides access to the loft. Please note that climbing onto the loft requires maneuvering around a rock nub positioned on the counter.

Nick used fallen big-leaf maple trees from the property to create floating shelves and staircase details.

Meanwhile, windows were already in place during delivery.

The popularity of shiplap, as seen on Instagram and HGTV, inspired the design choice for the interior, creating a spacious illusion.

The shed turned into tiny home that can accommodate two individuals comfortably, with a cozy sleeping and living space. A custom ladder made from big-leaf maple provides access to the loft.

Nick incorporated a small shelf or workspace using big-leaf maple, adding functionality and charm. Air conditioning units were installed to combat the summer heat.

Planning the layout of Claybaby, Nick included a wall to create a designated area for movie watching and a compact yet inviting bathroom.

The bathroom features natural black slate flooring with a heated floor, providing a pleasant, textured foot experience.

The bathroom also has a sleek vanity, a simple round mirror, and a specially designed compact toilet, measuring just 25 inches to the edge of the bowl, making it more suitable for the limited space.

The white marble for the bathroom enhances the space and adds a touch of opulence. Nick installed a large, extra-wide door on a barn prefabricated mechanism to separate the bathroom and movie-watching zone. This allows for privacy, whether for using the bathroom or enjoying a movie in seclusion.

Claybaby is available for short-term rental, ranging from $95 to $125 per night. Considering the total cost, the project’s return on investment was relatively quick.

Nick hopes to see shed conversions gain traction as a solution for temporary or affordable housing, reducing reliance on makeshift accommodations.

Index Cabins currently comprise six unique units, with sea containers and tree frame builds being popular choices.

Nick expresses gratitude for the project’s evolution’s rewarding journey and unexpected delight.

Claybaby holds a special place in his heart as his first venture into construction, showcasing his commitment to resourcefulness and creativity.

Watch the video below to see the amazing shed turned into tiny home:

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Wednesday 12th of July 2023

Very cute!

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