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Woman transforms SHED into a tiny home in her parents’ backyard, and lives rent free!

Rent these days are definitely are going sky-high, so it helps to be creative when choosing the space to live in.

Aniah Warne, 21, of Boisie, Idaho, was particularly inspired when she revealed that she turned a shed into a house in her parents’ backyard, and she doesn’t even have to pay rent!

Just steps away from her parents’ house, she transformed an idle shed into a house that now provides the ultimate comfort.

Warne shows how she turned a shed into a house in her parents' backyard.

source: TikTok

TikTok user Aniah, who posts under @aniahhhhwarne, gave followers a tour around her unconventional house, and it has racked up over 1.5 million views.

She said, “I do live in a shed. This is my shed.” The backyard features stone walkways and plenty of lush greenery. The shed is literally right next to her parents’ home.

The backyard has a lot of relaxing greenery.

source: TikTok

There are two ways to access the renovated shed. Walking up to her home, Warne explained, “So I have this step right here that is like a little porch, and this wall opens up.”

This gives her a wide view of the plants in the yard. There is also an entryway door on the side of the shed turned into a house that can access the room.

The shed turned into a house is tucked is a secret hideaway in the backyard.

source: TikTok

Warne managed to turn the shed into a house with almost all the essentials. The one-bedroom hideaway is tiny but comfortable and eclectically decorated with a tapestry hanging above the bed, plenty of plants, floating shelves, posters, and a salt lamp.

She shared, “So I have my desk, a TV, my bed, and then this is the view sitting in my bed. And then I have my nightstand with essentials, a cute little chair, plant, shelves, fridge. I have this mirror to look at outfits and then this is my closet.”

This wall opens up, one of two ways to enter the shed that was turned into a house.

source: TikTok

The space looks like a dorm room, just right for a college student like Warne. The small walk-in closet is enough for one person and has shelves and bars to hang her clothes and accessories.

The size of a small studio apartment, the shed turned into a house does not have a bathroom or a kitchen.

Inside is a comfortable space, much like a dorm room.

source: TikTok

Warne noted, however, that she just uses the ones in the main house. “I walk like 10 feet inside. Right as you walk in there’s the bathroom [and] there’s the kitchen,” she said.

Some viewers of the video shared their concern about insects and bugs since a wall of the home can be opened.

The house has a wall mounted TV, desk, bed, shelves, closet, shelves, and a mini fridge.

source: TikTok

Warne said, “Honestly, I don’t have an issue with spiders or mosquitos or flies. I have the door and the window open right now, and there is not a single fly in here. I do have to be concerned about leaving food out, though, because of ants.”

She added, “Bugs aren’t bad, especially when the doors are shut.”

Since she converted a simple shed into a house, other viewers were also curious about maintaining the temperature in the space.

Her eclectric nightstand adds to the hippie vibe of the room.

source: TikTok

Warne shared that she remains comfortable since the home is equipped with an air conditioner and heater. “When it’s hot, I have an AC. When it’s cold, I have a heater, and when it’s temperate, I just leave the door open,” she said.

The shed turned into a house set up is quite impressive, and one viewer remarked, “I don’t get how people can see this and not want to do the same thing.”

The wall on the side of the bed opens up to a beautiful view of the backyard.

source: TikTok

Another added, “This is what my husband and I are building for our kids. Everyone gets a little studio on our property so when they’re 18 they don’t need to move out.”

Overall, it’s a creative way to maintain privacy while living rent free! Take a look at the tiny home in the video below:

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