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Man wanted the ideal retreat, so he built a home made from shipping containers with a pool

A home made from shipping containers is more than just a phrase; it’s a testament to creativity, hard work, and a passion for a unique and sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s explore Neil’s inspiring home made from shipping containers called “Box on the Rox,” a truly alternative retreat in the heart of Joshua Tree, California.

From the construction process to the design choices and the outdoor oasis, Neil’s project is a testament to vision, hard work, and passion.

Neil and his friends embarked on a quest to create a retreat that went beyond the ordinary. They sought a location with a captivating view and easy access to downtown Joshua Tree.

After thorough searching, they found the ideal spot – an acre and a quarter just outside Joshua Tree National Park.

But why choose a container home?

The goal was to create something unique, fun, and perfect for spending quality time with family and friends.

Building this container home was a remarkable feat that involved dedication and perseverance.

The journey began with grading the land, setting up water and electrical systems, and establishing a solid foundation.

Then came the real challenge of working with shipping containers – ensuring they were the right size, free of pesticides, and properly framed.

Budget considerations were significant, encompassing land acquisition, electrical work, permits, and more.

In the end, it was a labor of love with a total budget of around $650,000, which covered not only construction but also furnishings and even a container pool.

Neil’s creativity shines through in the Box on the Rox’s design.

Comprising three 40ft shipping containers, the home made from shipping containers offers 960 sq ft of living space. The containers were delivered on-site and expertly welded together to form the unique structure.

The interiors were thoughtfully designed with textures and colors in mind, featuring bright orange accents, calming blues, and earthy browns.

The sleek and modern flooring is made of concrete with an epoxy finish.

The living room is spacious, offering a cozy lounge area and ample room for relaxation.

The master bedroom boasts a comfortable queen-sized bed and a private exit to the pool, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with careful attention to texture and color.

The luxury spa bathroom is a highlight of the home, featuring two sinks, a relaxing soaking tub, and a rain shower. A large window allows natural light to fill the space.

There are also two additional bedrooms for kids and guests, with the same level of detail and comfort.

The fully equipped kitchen was designed for convenience and functionality, with stainless steel appliances, a full-size fridge and freezer, and plenty of storage. The floating shelves keep the space open and airy.

Meanwhile, the home made from shipping containers truly shines with its outdoor features.

The 40ft by 40ft patio is a work of art, offering waterproof furniture, a fire pit, grill, and ambient lighting.

Neil’s custom giant chair is a unique spot for relaxation. A rooftop deck offers breathtaking views, perfect for stargazing.

The pièce de résistance of this home made from shipping containers is the 20ft custom container pool, designed and created by Container Pool. It provides a perfect spot for cooling down and unwinding in style.

Neil’s container home in Joshua Tree, California, embodies the values of creativity, hard work, and attention to detail.

This innovative space redefines the notion of a getaway, offering a unique and memorable experience for family and friends.

Beyond being a living space, it’s an oasis of relaxation and inspiration in the heart of nature.

Home made from shipping containers doesn’t merely signify a building material; it symbolizes a labor of love, a unique vision, and a heartfelt connection to the environment.

Designed by the renowned architect David Bailey and built by Alternative Living Spaces, this home made from shipping containers exemplifies innovative architectural design. It harmoniously combines sustainable living concepts with a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Nestled within a breathtaking desert setting, the residence provides unmatched panoramic vistas of the surrounding natural landscape, establishing itself as an ideal retreat for those who appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.

Take a tour at Neil’s Box on the Rox, a home made from shipping containers, below:

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Saturday 28th of October 2023

So Neil didn't build anything he paid people to design and build it? He doesn't look like a metal fabricator.

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