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Adorable K9 refuses to go to work until he gets belly rubs from his handler

If there’s one thing that dogs like most aside from food, it’s getting belly rubs.

A K9 dog named Jango Fett loved them so much that he refused to go to work one day until his handler, Officer Ryan Costin, gave him some rubs.

The partners work for the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office, and while Jango is a dedicated member of the team, sometimes he needs an extra incentive to keep going.

It all began one morning as the duo was preparing to go to work. In a Facebook video, Jango can be seen lying on the lawn in front of their home. Instead of getting into the patrol car, it looked like the dog just wanted to lounge on the grass.

Costin can be seen coaxing Jango to hop into the back of the car, but the Belgian Malinois just laid there. His handler was trying to figure out the problem and how he could convince the dog to get in.

Costin texted his wife, Cassie, to tell her that he had run into a snag on his way to work. He told her to look out the window, and that’s when she began to record the hilarious moment with her phone.

“My poor husband, trying to go to work, and Jango just lays flat on the ground. And it’s only Tuesday!” Cassie can be heard narrating the scene.

Costin gestures to the door, trying to get the K9 to leap inside so they can go. However, the dog just continues lazing around, showing no ounce of interest to get up from his spot.

“Dude’s got Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday still to go to work!” jokes Cassie.

As it turns out, Jango just wanted a little love. Costin had Jango roll over and started rubbing his belly, which the dog gladly accepted!

It doesn’t take long before Jango happily gets up and hops into the vehicle.

“So, all I need to get ready for work is a belly rub. Got it, check,” Cassie can be heard saying off-camera.

The department heard of Officer Costin’s story and decided to share the funny clip on their Facebook page, writing in the caption:

“A beautiful Spring day makes the best Deputies want to play hooky!! Yes, we all love working at the Sheriff’s Office, but just like our human Deputies, when spring fever hits even our awesome K-9s just want to go to the park and lie in the cool grass and maybe play a little catch…. or um fetch!!”

Jango and Costin go way back, having worked together since 2013. Usually, Jango is the first to get in the patrol car, but he lagged behind that day for some reason.

Maybe he just wanted to enjoy the warm weather or simply needed attention—we’ll never know! Luckily, Costin is an intuitive handler and knew just what he was asking for.

Jango’s breed is known for being confident and loyal. They are squarely built and are well-muscled, making them great for police work. Plus, Belgian Malinois dogs are extremely obedient to their handlers, so their work ethic is also topnotch.

Now, Costin knows just how to make Jango excited to go to work in the mornings. After all, this dog deserves unlimited belly rubs and more for his contributions to the department and community!

Here is the funny clip of Jango refusing to head off to work until he got a belly rub.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.