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Incredible nurse cat from Poland looks after other animals at animal shelter – even dogs!

People say a black cat brings bad luck, this animal shelter in Poland begs to disagree. It has the perfect nurse taking care of the animals. He has black fur and pointed ears.

Rademenes is an important member of the staff of an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz. His tasks include providing comfort and companionship to animals that are receiving treatment in the center. Rademenes rests beside the treated animals, spooning the patients.

While his hugs may not have proven therapeutic effects on other animals, it DEFINITELY brings comfort and assurance to the animals that are in pain.

Before becoming the “cat nurse” of Poland, Rademenes was also a patient that came to live in the animal shelter after his owners brought him because of an inflamed respiratory tract. His owners feared that he will not be able to recover.


Rademenes was scheduled to be euthanized in order to shorten his suffering. Moreover, his condition is contagious and he has to be quarantined to keep other animals in the shelter from contracting the disease.

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The shelter took him in and veterinarian Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalichmiraculously nursed him back to health and adopted him. Now, Rademenes works as an assistant to his owner and is considered as an important asset in the shelter.

“Maybe he knew he was near the end and began fighting for his life. Whatever, he began winning and was soon as right as rain,” Lucyna said.


He comforts patients with surgery and, sometimes, cleans their ears.

“He cuddles and hugs other poorly animals. He cleans them, and sleeps with them, and pays particular attention to those suffering from serious disease. It’s as if having been so close to death’s door himself, he now wants to help others get better. We joke that he is now one of our full-time nurses,” Lucyna added.

A Canadian vet working in Poland, Karen Patrick, visited Rademenes after the feline went viral. She was surprised that the cat nurse greeted her upon her arrival.


“This sounds ridiculous but he actually comes out to greet new people coming in. Which is really, really endearing,” Karen said.

Rademenes has its own Facebook account that chronicles his duties on patient care. The FB page is filled with photos and stories of animals attended by the nurse cat.

He also has a Youtube channel where adorable videos of him at work are posted. Check his work day like below.

Photo credit: Facebook | Randemes

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