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How one husband transforms an old and unused attic into his wife’s dream closet

When we hear the word “attic,” we immediately think of darkness, cobwebs, and piles of discarded belongings. Let’s admit it – most of us aren’t proud of the current state of our attics!

Well, this incredible attic construction and transformation featured right here might just convince you to start renovating yours.

On June 21, Joserin Cabrera (@yagirljoss on Twitter) tweeted four photos showing their unused attic before it was transformed into a bright and gorgeous-looking space.

“Anyways my dad built my mom a closet in the attic,” she wrote.

When she made the tweet, Joserin didn’t think too much of it. She just shared the pictures of the attic construction knowing that people love a good before-and-after transformation. However, the tweet blew up, and it now has over 439.4K likes and 68.3K retweets at the time of writing.

Rodolfo Cabrera—Joserin’s dad and mastermind of the incredible attic transformation—spoke with House Beautiful about the project’s inspiration.

“Honestly, my wife and I needed more space for our clothes. One day I went up to my attic and I began to think ‘Wow, we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else.'” he said.

Rodolfo—originally from Guatemala but is now Maryland-based—has been in the home remodeling industry for 15 years. He founded the company Remodeling & Design LLC four years ago, and he commissioned his employees to help him work on their attic.

They began by first cleaning out the dirty space. Then, Rodolfo and his team “did the framing, electrical, hanging up the drywall, plastering, and doing the ceiling design with the LED [lights].”

The group also installed built-in shelves and moved furniture from the master’s bedroom into the closet, including a sofa and sleek black table.

Rodolfo said his “creativity just took over,” which is no surprise given his long-standing career in the home remodeling industry!

In case you want to do a similar attic transformation, the group used “2×4 woods, drywall, insulation, electrical wire, LED strip light, recessed lights, and paint” to complete it.

They used wood to laminate the floor and make the shelves. They also installed a split AC unit in the closet to keep the area cool and skip running ducts up the attic.

The renovation took around three weeks to complete, and it cost Rodolfo between $25,000 and $30,000. Based on these pictures, all the hard work and money was well worth it.

The most challenging part about this gorgeous remodeling is doing the stairs. It was only attached to one wall, so Rodolfo and his employees needed to incorporate as much support as they could to that single side.

After Joserin’s tweet went viral, Remodeling Design & LLC shared pictures of the stairs leading up to the closet on Twitter. Needless to say, they add a serious wow factor to the whole design!

“My jaw literally dropped!” @aczu4 wrote. “My God, this is too dope! Your daddy is the blueprint and whoever you marry better be able to match this type of energy!”

Others worried about their wives seeing the pictures of the attic construction and transformation.

“Whatever you do, do not let my wife see this. Thank You!” wrote @kennystark123.

Joserin and her mom were both thrilled with the outcome of the remodeling.

“We were both really amazed because we knew it was going to look good but he exceeded our expectations,” she said.

As it turns out, the rest of their home looks as beautiful as their attic.

“Everything was redone by my dad and his company, Remodeling And Design LLC, before we moved in,” she explained.

Here are more photos of the renovated attic.

Take a look inside this amazing attic closet in this room tour found on the company’s Instagram page.


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Just wow. I bet you can’t wait to do a transformation like this in your own attic!

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