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Taraji P. Henson surprises stepmom with a gorgeous home makeover

If you’d like to see an amazing home makeover before and after, then this one is a perfect example!

In the recent episode of My Houzz, “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson gave her stepmother’s house a major remodel – and the final result will definitely leave you in awe.

Taraji said that when her dad met her stepmom, Angie, it completely changed his life.

“I met my stepmom Angie when I was 16. She just made my dad a better man. My dad was just lost. He was homeless at one time when I was really young. She stepped into his life and she was everything he needed. I was so happy. I just loved her right away,” she said.

Taraji says that Angie is the type of person who just gives and gives. Now, it’s time for her to return the favor by giving her the best home makeover before and after. The wisdom that Taraji’s father instilled in her also inspired the actress to do this for her stepmom.

“My dad always said, ‘If you have been blessed, then it is your duty to go out into the world and be a blessing,’ so I feel like I’m doing what my dad told me I should do,” she said.

When Angie and her dad got married, they purchased his dream house in Maryland. Taraji recalls that this house is where the family parties and gatherings always happen since Angie loved to cook and entertain.

However, in 2006, Taraji’s dad got sick and eventually passed away. Ever since his death, Angie had been living alone in the house that they built together.

On a recent visit, the “Empire” star was helping out in the kitchen when she pulled out one of the drawers when this happened:

“When I went home this past time, I went in the kitchen and pulled out the drawer and it just disintegrated in my hands — fell apart, like in two or three pieces,” Taraji says. “I was like, ‘We’ve gotta do something.’”

The actress sought the help of interior designer Stephanie Gamble, a member of the Houzz Community, to help give her stepmom the best home makeover ever.

Taraji wanted to remove the wall between the kitchen, living, and dining room and turn it into one open floor space.

“The dining room and kitchen seems a bit cramped. And the appliances are old. The cabinets are falling apart. It’s a bit dark in there, too, so I just wanna bring more life and light into that house. We just kind of want to make the house hers now, and still keep my Dad in it,” she said.

Since Angie loved to cook, she wanted the house to have a classic style kitchen with modern touches.

Taraji can’t always be there during the renovations because of her busy schedule, so she let her cousin Nikki accompany Stephanie throughout the process. She even got to deliver the first demo strikes!

To achieve a light and airy space, they took out the dividing wall between the kitchen area and living room. The kitchen was installed with two-toned cabinets and brand new appliances which included a six-burner stove!

The awkward window in the dining room – which didn’t allow sufficient light to come through – was replaced with a large sliding glass door which made the place look brighter.

The living room was also brightened up with new paint and furniture, plus the driftwood coffee table that Taraji’s father made.

“Although everything is new, it still feels familiar. The essence is here, but we just dressed it up,” Taraji said.

When the time came for the big reveal, Taraji couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. But the recipient of this home makeover had the best reaction. When she entered the home, Angie couldn’t stop saying how “pretty” everything was, and she began to tear up at the beauty of it all.

“The way the house is, is very comfortable to me because the artwork my husband did is still in the home. Deep down in my heart, I really, really appreciate it. I’m sure he’d appreciate it, too, what she had done for us,” Angie said.

To Taraji, it was the best way to give back to her stepmom who nurtured her like she was her own. And for sure, she succeeded in her objective of making Angie feel appreciated and loved.

Watch the video below to see the incredible home makeover before and after!

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