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Watch this huge mastiff becomes crowd favorite as he slowly, but surely, complete an agility course

So when a large-breed dog showed up to an agility competition at the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver, he inevitably stood out from the rest of his peers.

Everyone must be thinking the same thing: how would this big dog fare in a contest against his lightweight and energetic rivals?

Dog agility races are surely a delight to watch – who doesn’t love shows where our furry best friends are the main stars?

YouTube Screen Grab | Hans Watson

These kinds of events are always guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces, regardless of age, gender, and pet ownership status.

Agility competitions like this are often dominated by high-energy breeds, such as Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, and Australian Shepherds.

YouTube Screen Grab | Hans Watson

We see them zipping through tunnels, gliding over poles, and sprinting through the field as quick as lightning, completely indifferent to the obstacle course before them. The natural hyperactive quality and grace of these breeds make them ideal contenders for a competitive dog race.

The unlikely contender’s name is Zeus, and he is a huge Bullmastiff.

In a viral video shared on YouTube, Zeus can be seen shimmying through the tunnels almost as large as his body’s circumference. Instead of sprinting after emerging from the tube’s end, the dog strode casually on to the next obstacle course.

Clearly, Zeus was having none of the race – he actually looked like he just wanted it to be over!


But his nonchalant and chill demeanor endeared him to the audience, quickly establishing his status as a crowd favorite after he got to the field. With each finished obstacle, Zeus got loud cheers and claps from the audience.

Instead of snaking through the agility poles, Zeus walked slowly through them – even a sloth would be proud! The dog obviously wasn’t winning – although, from the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to be very keen about getting that trophy.


Zeus sauntered over the poles lazily as if these were just ordinary logs blocking his way. No matter how lethargic he was being, the dog didn’t stop for a moment and obediently followed his guide.


As slow as he was, it was a triumph for Zeus as he actually had impressive stats by the end of his turn. He managed to knock off just one pole and he completed the whole course!

Watch the adorable clip below.

Zeus didn’t bag the first place award, but he surely won the hearts of the audience. His performance was also a sweet reminder that sometimes, the journey matters more than the destination does.

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