Homeless dog carries food bowl everywhere he goes

World Animal Awareness Society

There are over 70 million stray animals plying the streets of the US. Given this immense figure, it is common for people to see malnourished dogs and cats hunting for food to quench their hunger. But beyond this picture is the heartbreaking truth that these creatures are suffering in silence.

Unlike humans, animals do not have the means to take care of themselves. They cannot earn money nor have access to material resources that would secure them of financial wealth.

Basically, without human interference, it is hard to assure that they’ll be able to eat regularly nor have themselves checked if they are to be sick.

With this condition in mind, have you ever wondered how these stray dogs look after themselves every day? Well, to feed your curiosity about the situation of these poor dogs, the World Animal Awareness Society films stray animals to shed light on their struggles.

To produce programs showing different kinds of human and animal interaction, the team explores and observes animals with utmost dedication.

It was just a regular filming day for the animal film makers when they caught a video of a heart-wrenching and unforgettable scene.

In the now viral video, people get to see the harsh reality stray dogs have to survive with every single day. And as well as their capacity to showcase wisdom when given the right opportunity.

Homeless dog roaming.
World Animal Awareness Society

The crew was following a pack of stray dogs in Detroit for the footage of their American Strays project. The pack of dogs were busy going about what seems like their every day routine when one of them did the unthinkable.

As seen in the footage, one of the dogs noticed the crew following their activity. Seemingly aware of the fact that the crew are interested in them, the dog took advantage of the moment. He ran away from the group and returned carrying his food bowl in his mouth!

The smart dog continued to make rounds on the street with the food bowl in his mouth, probably thinking that this is the best way to appeal to people’s kindness.

The action taken by the dog truly serves as an eye-opener of the severity of their situation. Clearly, the dogs are starving and they are knocking on each home they passed by to beg for food.

Homeless dog looking for food.
World Animal Awareness Society

Feeling for the poor dogs, the team shared the footage on their YouTube channel along with the caption of:

“We discovered this Dog and his friends occupying these abandoned houses in Detroit while working on the American Strays Project with the World Animal Awareness Society. He left to go 5 houses over to get his food bowl so we would fill it for him. We obliged.”

True to their words, the team could not simply ignore what they witnessed. Before leaving, they fed the homeless dog and his friends with enough food to get them by for the day. For some this may not be too much, but for the dogs, it is enough to add another day in their life.

Homeless dog carries food bowl.
World Animal Awareness Society

The heartbreaking footage of the homeless dog uploaded on YouTube which was shared on various social network sites quickly spread like wildfire.

Garnering thousands of views and shares, a lot of people were filled with compassion and expressed their desire to send help to the stray dogs. Meanwhile, a lot of netizens also expressed their sentimental thoughts about the video.

“So very sad. My heart breaks for these poor babies.” A Facebook user said, expressing how her heart mourns for the homeless dog carrying his food bowl.

“Sweet and cleaver boy he is! Hope there is a place in heaven for them, well I’m kind sure there is.” Another Facebook user said, praising the dog for his wit and cleverness.

“This is so sad it hurts me so much to see this would someone pls rescue him and feed him and I hope he finds a loving forever home soon.” Another Facebook user shared, expressing her hope for the dog’s brighter future.

World Animal Awareness Society

If people who can communicate and work can have a hard time getting by, what more are these poor animals who need someone to look after them?

With over 7 million of stray animals roaming around the streets of America, we can help them enjoy a quality life by providing a warm home for them. The heart-wrenching footage is but one of the numerous reasons why it is better to adopt an animal than buy one from stores.

Watch the video below of and witness how the homeless dog quickly thought of a plan to send his message across people.

If this video had an impact on you, and could help in your own little way by simply spreading aware on their situation, be sure to do your part and share this to your family and friends.

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