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Grandma, teen become fast friends after he drives miles to return her lost wallet: ‘Now, I have a new friend’

Who would have thought that a lost wallet can lead to a friendship between an elderly woman and a teenager? Dee Harkrider, an elderly woman from Arkansas did not expect to find a new friend in a teenage boy who went out of his way to help her.

61-year-old Harkrider went shopping at Walmart in Forrest City not knowing she had lost her wallet in the parking lot.

Thankfully, Delivontae Johnson found it after going to the store to replace a tire. Harkider only found out she lost her wallet when Johnson told her he was on his way to give it back to her.

According to Harkrider, anybody could have picked her wallet up but she was so thankful that it was a kind young man like Johnson.

She said that he could have just let the store know about it but he drove miles just to give it back to her in person. “I’m just overwhelmed,” said Harkrider.

Johnson was also thankful that he found the wallet.  “I wasn’t supposed to be parking in that spot but thank God I did,” he said.

He found Harkrider’s driving license in her wallet and knowing how important it is for the woman, he tried to find a way to connect with her.

Delivontae Johnson and his car

Facebook | Delivontae Johnson

He looked her up on Facebook and luckily, he found her profile and let her know about her lost wallet. He immediately drove to her house in Wynne.

“I live in Wynne, but I was in Palestine. So, that young man detoured and came to Palestine and brought me my wallet,” shared Harkrider. They met at a restaurant’s parking lot and she could not help but hug him.

She also asked for a photo with him to show her gratitude on Facebook. “I wanted people to know what this young man had done for me. I had to share it,” she said.

Dee Harkrider is thankful to get her lost wallet back

Facebook | Dee Harkrider

Harkrider believed that it was fate that led him and Harkrider to each other. As she said, anyone could have found the wallet but there’s a chance they would not return it.

Johnson just proved that there are still good people who like helping others. “God watched over me. He brought this angel into my life. God sends people for a reason into each other’s lives.”

Harkrider gave Johnson the $20 bill she had in her wallet to thank him for what she has done for him. Though she thought she could have given him more, it was more than enough for Johnson.

Harkrider writes about her lost wallet on Facebook

Facebook | Dee Harkrider

He is studying in a community college and he said he is very thankful for the gas money. According to Johnson, his mother was also proud of what he did for Harkrider. “She said I did a good job. I’m glad she raised me to be the man I am today.”

Johnson saw the incident as a “blessing in disguise.” On his way to the church, his tire blew out after hitting a pothole. “I once heard in the church from a pastor that the devil will strike before God begins to bless,” he recalled.

Johnson and Harkrider

Facebook | Johnson and Harkrider

He was happy that this unwanted event led him to meeting Harkrider. They did not only become a blessing to each other that day but they also became friends.

Harkrider jokingly told Johnson that he’s stuck with her. Now, they are friends on Facebook and are looking forward to seeing each other again. Harkrider posted their photo together and wished Johnson well.

“A friend told me I was lucky. I told her no, God was watching out for me. Delivontae Johnson, I pray that God blesses you beyond any measure!! Now, I have a new friend!”

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.