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Grandma’s emotional reaction to surprise reunion with BFF is sort of epic: ‘Like a son to her’

Everyone has a favorite person—someone who inevitably brightens your day with their mere presence.

Grandma Honey from Columbus, Ohio, met hers when she traveled to Haiti back in 2010. She went there to help the residents recover after a devastating earthquake hit the country.

While there, she became friends with a young man named Johny Jean Louis. Their friendship grew deeper over the years, and each would take trips to visit one another whenever they could.

Although not related by blood, Granny Honey considers Johny part of the family. In fact, she sees him as a son.

Johny has built a life for himself in the United States. He now lives in Florida, working as a firefighter, and has started his own family.

Despite being a family man and a busy firefighter, Johny still hasn’t forgotten his dear Grandma Honey. So last Christmas, he flew to Ohio to surprise her at home!

In a video shared on Instagram by Honey’s granddaughter, Carly Mason Boseker, the grandma is seen walking from the kitchen to the dining area after her daughter tells her their cat was there.

“I didn’t see the cat up there,” the grandma said.

“Are you sure? Come here. Look!” her daughter replied.

Granny Honey finally reaches the dining area, and upon looking to her left, she sees Johny sitting casually in a chair.

She immediately lets out three long squeals, and Johny stands up to hug her. They share a long embrace while Granny Honey recovers from her initial excitement. Indeed, it was a joyful moment for the pair.

“God brought these two together in perfect timing. Honey gained a son right after losing one of her 7 children. He is grandma’s joy & crown and a beloved part of our family,” wrote Carly in the caption of her post.

Since it was posted on December 26 of last year, their adorable reunion footage has earned almost 200,000 likes on Instagram.

As one commenter said: “Family is family no matter how you come into the fold.”

Carly described the moment in her reply to another commenter who said it was the “sweetest scream.”

“We were just cracking up… We didn’t know how she’d react, we were ready to catch her if she fell but the scream was so incredible and showed how excited she was!” Carly said.

Watch Granny Honey’s reaction to Johny’s special surprise in the video below.


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