Psychologists believe that people who are blunt actually make better friends

In your circle of friends, do you know someone who does not bother to sugarcoat the bitter truth? Someone who is bold enough to share her opinion and insights, even if her idea contradicts with others?

If yes, then hang on to your friendship!

One of the major components of a healthy relationship is honesty. However, in reality, not all people can be honest with you all the time, and not all people have the guts to tell you that you are taking the wrong direction in life.

The old saying, “True friends will tell you the truth, even when it hurts and you do not want to hear it,” speaks a lot of truth. After all, only your truest friends will tell you what you need to hear, despite of your feelings. Because for them, you matter more than your friendship.

Professionals who are experts in the field of psychology believe that the best kind of people to be friends with are those who are blunt! Here are the reasons why:

[1] They tell you the honest truth!

Blunt people will never speak to appease your feelings. If you ask for their opinion, you will get their honest opinion. Whether it is about choosing a dress for your first date, or about their first impression of your boyfriend, a blunt friend will tell you the truth as it is.

You might think that they are doing this because they are not one of your supporters. However, keep in mind that no true friend would like their loved ones to be made fun of others.

[2] They are not afraid of saying ‘SORRY!’

They know for a fact that being blunt is commonly associated with being rude. And in the act of speaking their mind, a blunt friend knows that their cold truth can hurt your feelings.

Although, most of the time, blunt people do not know how to zip their mouth, they know how to take responsibility of their words. People who are blunt are not afraid of admitting their mistake and saying sorry,

[3] They will not keep you guessing!

For blunt people, what you see is what you get. They will not keep you from guessing where you stand in their life, because they are honest with you about it.

You can definitely tell from their actions and lips whether they like you or not. That’s why if a friend of yours is blunt, rest assured that your friendship with him or her, is genuine!

[4] They are fearless!

Experts in the field of psychology think that blunt people are one of the bravest people in the world.

In a place where most people would choose to be quiet, instead of standing for what is right, blunt people would not quietly sit still.

Blunt people are the kind of people you would like to keep company, what do you know?! Perhaps, in the long run, you might learn to be as fearless and courageous as they are!

[5] They know how to respect your views!

Just because they are not afraid to speak their mind out, does not mean that they won’t respect yours.

A blunt person only shares his thoughts and stops with that. They simply want to give you a piece of their mind as a sort of an advice before you make your final decision.

They know that at the end of the day, your decision is still yours to make.

If you have a friend that fits the descriptions above, cherish them.

Tag them in the comment box to let them know how much you appreciate their bluntness. And thank them for all of the times that they’ve kept it real with you!

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