A video of a Golden Retriever couple watching over their pups is melting hearts

New parents are naturally overjoyed when their child is brought forth to the world. But more than that, they feel a kind of love that they have never felt before – the kind that would make them do everything they can for the safety and happiness of their kids.

If only they could, for sure, parents would choose to be with their newborns 24/7 to guard them and cater to their every need. Sometimes, they couldn’t even let their child out of their sight even for just a few hours. A short separation is never “short” for new parents – even a few hours of being away from their kid is bound to worry them so much.


As it turns out, the same goes for their four-legged counterparts. These two Golden Retrievers, who are new parents to seven goldie pups, couldn’t seem to take their eyes off their bundle of joy.

In a YouTube video that has already been viewed more than 6.2 million times, the two goldies are seen gazing lovingly at their newborn puppies. The pups were all wearing different colored scarves around their necks so they can be identified by the owner easily.


At one point, the male Golden even laid his head over his partner’s, as if saying that they should rest for a while after a tedious day of puppy-sitting.

Another scene shows the mom nursing her babies while their dad is laying next to them – what a sweet moment!


The couple looks like real proud parents, indeed. This goes to show that the love that binds a family together is not only experienced by humans, but also by these intelligent animals as well.

Check out the heartwarming video below to see these Golden Retriever couple’s expression of love for their offspring.

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