People are laughing at toddler’s steely gaze when meeting her baby brother for the first time

Gaining new family members is always worth a celebration, especially when they come in the form of adorable newborns! But when this older sister met her baby brother for the first time, things didn’t go as they usually do.

Jordan and Kristen Jeremias of Wilmington, North Carolina recently brought their newborn boy home. Both parents were excited for baby Coleman to meet his older sister, Ella, so they prepared the camera to capture the beautiful moment of the sibling’s first meeting.

After all, documenting this special occasion would guarantee that they can always look back on this precious memory, right?

baby brother

However, instead of a big smile and squeals of excitement, the toddler gave her baby brother nothing but blank stares – Ella was clearly so unimpressed with baby Coleman!

A family member carefully placed the sleeping infant onto Ella’s lap, and the little girl had zero reaction – no sweet smile, no twinkling eyes, nothing!

Instead, she just stared straight into the camera, totally oblivious of the bundle of joy in front of her.

Her mother coaxes her to kiss the baby, and she even demonstrated it for her daughter to imitate. But Ella can’t be persuaded.

She just stares down at Coleman and does nothing, not even trying to bend down a little to kiss the baby’s head.

baby brother

Jordan shared the video of the anticlimactic encounter on Facebook. He wrote:

“Here is my toddler Ella reacting to us bringing home our baby boy Coleman from the hospital for her first encounter with her brother. Her shocking reaction is priceless.”

As of writing, the footage has gone viral and has been viewed a whopping 33 million times! The comments were flooded with stories from parents who shared their own similar experiences.

Most of them said that it would get better in time and that the parents would just have to wait for that day, instead of forcing the older child to develop a relationship with her younger sibling.

Watch the video below to see Ella’s unexpected reaction to meeting her baby brother.

Well, that’s one grumpy welcome. It seems like Ella is still processing the fact that she is no longer the baby of the family anymore, but for sure, she will eventually warm up to Coleman in the coming days!