Pit bull about to be adopted refuses to leave shelter without tiny best friend

If you will be asked to name the most affectionate, nurturing, and loyal beast in the animal kingdom, chances are, the dogs will be the FIRST to enter your mind. Dogs have always been known to exhibit great loyalty not only to humans but to their fellow canines as well. Strange as it may seem, dogs are capable of going above and beyond in the name of the friendship they have made.

Despite being dogs of different size and breed, Taco and Merill while staying at the dog shelter were able to form a strong bond with each other. Their admirable friendship started towards the end of 2014. Merill, a 3-year old female pit bull, and Taco, an 8-year old male chihuahua, met each other when they were surrendered together in San Francisco’s Rocket Dog Rescue.

Taco and Merill were surrendered to the Rocket Dog Rescue, an animal advocacy group which saves abused, abandoned, and homeless dogs from being euthanized in overcrowded animal shelters. It is here in which the two dogs were able to forge a friendship stronger than steel.

Merill was already suffering from an intrauterine infection when she was surrendered to the Rocket Dog Rescue. During her stay in the shelter, the female pit bull badly needed to go under the knife.

To the surprise and bewilderment of the shelter’s staff, Taco, the chihuahua, did not leave and refused to leave Merill all throughout the length of the surgery.  The 8-year old chihuahua kept Merill’s company until she was able to fully recover from the surgery.

After witnessing the touching display of concern expressed by Taco, the staff cannot help but notice how inseparable the two dogs have become. Often times, both Taco and Merill would loudly cry and express distress every time the staff attempts to keep them apart. Since then Taco and Merill have always stayed by each other’s side – until the day someone became interested to adopt Merill.

Not all animals rescued by animal shelters are fortunate enough to be scouted by potential owner. Only a few dog enthusiasts choose to adopt rather than to buy. Thus, when a potential owner expressed interest to adopt Merill, the mission of the animal shelter was about to be fulfilled. Though the adoption would be hard to both dogs, still; they are about to be able to give Merill a new family.

However, when Merill’s potential owner came to take her home, neither Merill nor Taco would stop from crying. Clearly, the two canines cannot afford to be separated. Touched by the astonishing sight of the two dogs grieving over their friendship, he decided to adopt both Taco and Merill instead.

Everyone who has witnessed how inseparable Taco and Meril at the dog shelter cannot help but rejoice knowing that the two dogs will belong to the same adoptive father. Taco and Meril are not only best of friends, now they belong in the same family and wouldn’t fear to be apart from each other anymore!

A month after the best of friends joined their new family, Taco was diagnosed with a heart ailment. His heart was enlarged and fluids are filling his lungs.

Knowing that losing Taco would also mean losing Merill, the new family of the two dogs tried everything they could to save Taco, bringing him to different specialists that would help improve his condition.

With the family’s perseverance, and with Merill constantly looking out for Taco, his condition has greatly become better. Although the loyal chihuahua is still suffering from respiratory problems, his heart has already recovered.

Taco and Merill after being rescued from a dog shelter were able to enjoy life at each other’s company for three more years after their adoption. Sadly, last May 7, 2018. Taco passed away and joined our Mighty creator.

Unfortunate as it is, it is not hard to believe that with the kind of friendship Taco and Merill have displayed, surely,Taco is watching over his best friend from heaven.

Watch the inspiring strong bond between Taco and Merill, proving that humans are not the only one capable of forging a lifetime friendship in the fire of adversity.

Photo | Merill and Taco

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