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Footage shows young boy escaping stranger’s attempt to lure him by asking cashier to pretend being his mom

We’re living in a different world and in different times. As much as we want to stay in our safe bubble, the world is waiting to be explored. And as much as we want to keep our children safe 24/7, we simply can’t have our eyes on them all the time.

But one of the things we can do as parents is to equip them with the knowledge to be safe and avoid the dangers that lurk everywhere. Every parent should teach their young ones what to do in emergencies and about stranger danger.

Of course, no parent wants their kids to ever have to use these emergency tips or what they learned about stranger danger. Still, kids knowing the right thing to do can save lives.

Quick-thinking Sammy Green avoided trouble and it was captured on cctv camera.


A ten-year-old boy from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was on his way home on November 11, 2022, when a stranger struck up a conversation with him.

Sammy Green didn’t know the woman, but she said she knew his parents, so she probably knew him, too.

She then began asking Sammy about his family and where his dad was. At one point, she even told Sammy that he needed to go with her and that she would buy him anything he wanted at the Wawa store.

Sammy instantly knew that there was something off about this conversation. Something about how the stranger asked questions didn’t feel right, and he quickly grew uncomfortable and scared.

CCTV footage of Sammy with the woman who was luring him to a Wawa store


Despite his growing fear, he knew that he needed to act fast. Remembering what his dad told him about this type of situation―not to trust anybody if he’s being followed and to act casual―Sammy hightailed it to a familiar store to ask for help.

Dani Bee Funky is a small local gift shop in Pottstown. At that time, only 17-year-old Hannah Daniels was inside.

The cctv camera showed Sammy immediately walking to her behind the cash register and quickly explained his predicament while the stranger waited by the door.

Sammy asking Hannah Daniels, store employee, for help.


He asked Hannah to pretend to be his mom because a strange woman was following him. Hannah didn’t hesitate to help the boy, who was clearly in a scary situation.

Like Sammy, she acted quickly and put herself between the boy and the unknown woman. Meanwhile, the woman stood by the door, seemingly incoherent and waiting for Sammy to come back outside.

Hannah pulled the door closed to prevent her from coming in, after which she just walked away.

Surveillance cameras caught the unsettling incident. Watching the CCTV footage was tough for Sam Green, Sammy’s dad. After all, things could’ve ended differently had it not been for his son’s instinct not to trust strangers and his quick thinking to ask for help. 

Hannah can be seen locking the door to the store to keep the stranger outside.


He cries every time he watches the clip captured by the cctv camera. According to Sam, seeing your child looking for help because he was afraid that his life might be in danger just cuts you deep.

But he’s just so proud of him for doing what he did.

Moreover, he’s thankful to Hannah for coming to his son’s aid and handling the situation with calm and presence of mind.

Dani Small, the store’s owner, has also expressed her praises for her 17-year-old employee, who did everything correctly.

There are lots of people like Hannah Daniels who won’t hesitate to help kids in danger. Who can forget the heroic teen who wrestled a bad guy trying to abduct kids and pinned him down until the police arrived?

Sammy and his dad Sam Green


Police have already tracked the woman who approached Sammy and is being referred for mental health help. Sammy’s family won’t be pressing charges against the woman. 

As per child safety experts, Sammy did everything right in this scary scenario. He knew he was in a risky situation, trusted his gut, and sought help.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, kids should know that they can speak up when they feel uncomfortable or scared and have the right to speak to a trusted adult.

As much as the video caught by the cctv camera brings up a lot of traumatic feelings in Sammy’s dad, it’s a good example of stranger danger. Thus, he wants other parents to see the footage and discuss it with their children, so they’ll know the right thing to do when a stranger approaches. Or even a family member or best friend who can’t be trusted. Watch the full video of Sammy Green’s quick thinking in the video below.

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