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Female army captain refuses to give up during grueling training session

For soldiers, the old adage, ‘Leave no man behind’ is not merely a proverb but is a dictum they live by. The U.S. Army Captain Sarah Cudd could attest that soldiers take this motto seriously when she experienced what it truly means when put into action!

Joining the army is definitely not for the people with a faint heart. To survive in the army, you have to be tough, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well! However, just because our soldiers have a tough mind and heart, does not mean that they are not capable of empathizing and being compassionate with one another.

The dedicated Army Captain Cudd was working hard to earn the highly sought Expert Field Medical Badge, an honor vested to military medical personnel who have completed a set of formidable written and physical exams. As army men say, this particular badge is the second hardest badge in the Army.

The process of acquiring the honorable badge is not easy. Aspiring candidates are evaluated on their successful completion of tactical combat casualty care and medical casualty evacuation. On top of these, their proficiency in communicating over a radio, efficiency in warrior tasks and drills such as chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear hazards, their alert reaction towards enemy contact, and their skillful day and night land navigation are also tested rigorously.

Their journey in trying to achieve the Expert Field Medical Badge does not end there! Soldiers also have to complete a 12-mile march while carrying 70 pounds of gear within 3 hours! Making the task mentally and physically extra-challenging!

According to the program, 80 percent of those seeking to get their hands on the badge fails, while only 3 percent of the army’s medical community earns the badge. Captain Cudd, is one of those dreaming to become a part of the three percent passers!

After Captain Cudd was finished with her exhausting series of tests and evaluations, she had one job left to do, and that is to embark on the 12-mile march while carrying the heavy pounds.

It took the female captain 2 hours and 45 minutes to arrive near the finish line, however, due to the physical demand the final task entailed, her body reached its limit. As she tried to reach for the finish line, her legs wobbled and she collapsed on the ground.

But Captain Cudd’s story does not end there, surprisingly, her fellow soldiers did not let her be left behind! They cheered around her and encouraged her to reach for the finish line!

Although, the 12-miles march and the challenging test sucked the energy out of her, the motivation and support from her fellow soldiers gave her strength to cross the finish line and achieve the badge she’s vouching for!

Thanks to the overwhelming support of the soldiers, this female army captain was one of the 46 candidates who was awarded the Expert Field Medical Badge!

The video, showing Captain Cudd’s unwavering determination to continue with her journey and as well as the heartwarming support from the other soldiers, was posted by Manager Lloyd Manson.

The man posted the video along with the caption, “It took heart, guts, determination, falling down and getting up, and a little motivation from the crowd to get across the finish line!” Unsurprisingly, the video posted online became viral and inspired millions of people across continents.

Watch the awe-inspiring video of the army captain below; prepare your heart to be blown away by the overwhelming respect, love, and support which her fellow soldiers fueled her heart with for her to successfully reach her dreams!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.