Dad puts microphone on his 4-yr-old during hockey practice and people are cracking up

In the hockey world you see a lot of fights between adult players, but what of kids? Dad wants to know what his kid is doing while playing hockey with other children.

Little kids are known to have no filter – they say whatever’s on their mind without thinking of the consequences. Most of the time, their honesty could have us hiding our faces in embarrassment or laughing out loud.


But for this 4-year old boy who was “mic’d up” during hockey practice, it was definitely the latter.

That 4-year old’s name is Mason, and his dad, hockey coach Jeremy Rupke, wondered what he was thinking out there in the rink during hockey practice. So, he decided to attach a microphone to his son and capture his antics on video. And boy oh boy, did the results not disappoint.

The whole six minutes of the clip will have you chuckling, as Mason is seen rolling, struggling, and sliding on ice while muttering to himself and blurting out some hilariously random thoughts that surprisingly, most adults can relate to.


After one of his numerous falls, he tells himself, “I’m OK. It’s OK.” Mason grew tired at one point and casually laid down on the rink while saying, “I’m gunna have a naaaap”. 

But despite falling multiple times (sometimes on purpose), the boy knew how to celebrate small “victories”.

When the time came to jump the lines, it seems like our Mason wasn’t really up for it. He just stayed hunched on the rink while his hockey mates moved forward.


As of writing, the clip of his son enjoying his time in the hockey world uploaded by Jeremy on his YouTube channel has garnered over 6 million views! And it is not surprising at all – Mason’s innocence was hilarious, and he had a rich imagination as well.

Most of the time, Mason was just sliding aimlessly on ice. Maybe it’s because he’s thinking of their next hangout after hockey practice! Mason started learning hockey in October. Now, the people who have watched his video want to see more of this adorable little boy in his own hockey world.

It’s just pure joy seeing this playful fellow having fun on the ice. We’re looking forward to more of “mic’d up” videos with Mason!


Viewers were so delighted by this video they had to share their opinions:

“I feel like I just entered into the mind of my four year old son and now I suddenly understand what truly goes on in there. Thank you for the enlightenment!!! LOL! He laid down on the ice this morning too, now I understand. He was just taking a nap.” — Made

“This is awesome! Got me right in the feels! My son started playing hockey when he was four and now, 14 years later, he is a 18U player and tonight is senior recognition night and his last home hockey game.” — Haley Garey

Check out Mason and his cute antics on the clip below from Coach Jeremy. Share this story with your friends and make them smile!

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