Dog freaks out when he reunites with favorite elderly neighbor after being weeks apart

A woman from South Boston and her labradoodle Paul picked up the habit of walking to the local store almost every day. This pooch is highly social and loves to make new friends, especially if those friends have yummy treats to give him!

On their morning trips to Cumberland Farms in Boston, Massachusetts, the duo would often cross paths with a familiar face – their elderly neighbor Chris.


Because of their frequent encounters, Paul and Chris have become best buddies. The man always had delicious treats prepared for his furry friend, and Paul jumped for joy whenever he would see him standing on the sidewalk near the local store.

However, these interactions were paused when Chris became sick at the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic. For weeks, Paul and his owner missed his friendly face. Then one day, Chris was back at his usual spot, and Paul’s mom managed to capture their sweet reunion on video.


Upon seeing the big white dog bounding towards him, Chris exclaimed, “Paul!” He immediately pets him and gestures to his chest, signaling the pooch to jump up and give him kisses. Paul’s mom was happy to see Chris recovered and well after weeks of being ill. As usual, he had a line of treats prepared for the pups of the neighborhood.

She shared the video on Paul’s Instagram page, and the post quickly caught the attention of the internet. The duo received an overwhelming amount of loving and positive messages from across the world.

“Yesterday we were so excited and surprised by the out pour of love and support for our dear neighbor, Chris,” she wrote on the caption of a follow-up post.


“He is a neighborhood staple and spends his mornings ensuring all the puppies of the neighborhood are greeted with a treat and a smile on their morning walks. He was thrilled to see our clip went viral. When asked if he needed anything, he simply responded, more dog treats for the neighborhood puppies.”

The genuine love between Chris and Paul is so wholesome that we almost can’t handle it! It’s incredible to see how dogs and humans can share such an extraordinary connection.

Watch the pair’s heartwarming reunion in the video below.


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Another similar story from last year is about a one-year-old pitbull-labrador mix and his owner. Anthony Rogers, a homeless artist, woke up one day without his dog Bobo by his side. The duo had no roof over their heads, but they have found a family in each other. So when Anthony found that Bobo was lost, it felt like his world had been taken away.

Bobo is an indispensable part of Anthony’s life because he was his “lifesaver.” He became homeless due to “devastating events in his life,” and he described the dogwho he rescued from a drug house when he was still a puppyas the one who saved him from ultimately giving up.

Thankfully, Anthony had friends who helped him search for the pup. They made posters of the missing dog and plastered them all over the neighborhood. Two weeks later, Bobo was found, and the pair were finally reunited. It’s one of the most heartwarming dog-and-owner reunions you will ever see!

In Ukraine, this woman got separated from her dog Lord after he had been stolen from her yard. As it turns out, the pooch was abandoned on the streets by whoever took him. An animal shelter rescued him and nursed him back to health.

Once he recovered, the rescue posted pictures of him on Facebook, hoping that someone would come and adopt him. One day, they got an unexpected message from a woman claiming that the dog looked a lot like Lord, who she lost two years ago.

The following day, the woman drove to the shelter to confirm if it was her stolen dog. When she arrived, it seemed like he didn’t recognize her. But after a few sniffs, the pooch finally realized that it was his mom!

Seeing all these dog-and-owner reunions are making us so happy. Spread the good vibes and share this story with your friends and family.

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