People are filling their cars with rescued sea turtles to save them from the winter storm

Dozens of volunteers on South Padre Island are coming together to rescue cold-stunned turtles amid Texas’s deadly winter storm. The power is out, and the water has stopped running for most of the typically warm beach town, but many residents braved the freezing temperatures to rescue the endangered sea turtles. The people ventured on foot

Deaf dog’s pack provides ‘protection ears’ on outdoor adventures

When Tim Livesey brings his three dogs with him during walks or on hiking trips, almost everyone they meet couldn’t help but let out a laugh. That’s because his Australian cattle dogs are all wearing goggles! When strangers see Bella, Bolt, and Bonnie wearing their cool eyewear, they often ask their owner if they can

A rare baby zebra in Kenya was born with black and white polka dots instead of stripes

A zebra foal in Kenya is attracting attention worldwide with its unique appearance. Instead of striking black-and-white stripes, this one boasts a dark coat covered with white dots. Wildlife photographer Frank Liu was searching for rhinos recently in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve when he spotted the rare zebra. “At first glance he looked like

Injured parrot gets second chance at life through prosthetic beak provided by animal center

A Brazil-based animal rehabilitation center called Renascer ACN did the most amazing job at giving this parrot a new lease on life. Birds use their beaks for a lot of things. They use it to communicate, gather food, groom themselves, defend their territories, and attack their rivals. When a bird’s beak is damaged, it can

Albino elephant calf caught in a snare inspires world with her incredible journey to recovery

This albino elephant calf rescued from a poaching snare inspired the world with her incredible strength and resilience. Here is her story. Khanyisa came to Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) in South Africa on January 8, 2020, in the worst condition. The four-month-old calf had a snare wrapped around her head, which severed the