Loyal dog helps disabled owner get around by pushing his wheelchair

Dogs are truly one of the most wonderful pets you could ever have. In a dog, you can gain a family that will shower you with love, affection, and care. A dog from Davao, Philippines, is warming the hearts of thousands of people across continents for looking after his owner.

The wonder dog, Digong, did not receive any professional training to be a service dog. He was not formally taught about the signs he needs to look out for, to know if his owner needs help. Yet, Digong is doing a good job of being of service to his owner, Danilo Alarcon.

Due to an unfortunate motorcycle accident, Danilo was left wheelchair-bound. And since Danilo has been taking care of Digong for seven months, the dog was able to learn how to respond to his needs.

Each day, Danilo and his trusted dog, Digong, tread the Seminary Drive.  Every time Danilo grows tired from maneuvering his wheelchair, Digong takes over. Instead of sitting and waiting for his owner to replenish his energy, Digong bows his head and pushes the wheelchair.

It was one of the moments like this when a bystander named Faith Revilla saw the paraplegic Danilo, being helped by his caring dog, Digong. Amazed and captivated by this moving bond between the two, Faith quickly decided to take a video of the two and posted it on her social media.

“The wheelchair pushing started when Digong saw Danilo stop and rest while maneuvering his wheelchair, and the dog just out of the blue started pushing his wheelchair using its head,” Faith shared how she and her husband spotted the two while they were stuck in a traffic, on her social media account.

She uploaded the touching video which she described as a heartwarming scene of a dog’s unconditional love towards its master.’ Along with this caption: “We felt blessed to have witnessed this extraordinary sight of an amazing creature helping its master maneuver his wheelchair along seminary drive. I mean, I thought it only happens in TV shows, [but] this [was a] very [real] scenario.”

Overwhelmed by what she and her husband had witnessed while they were stuck in a traffic, Faith prays for their welfare.

The video she had posted immensely gained popularity, not only among dog lovers but as well as with ordinary people across continents. According to Faith, she and her husband tried to look for Danilo and Digong, but to no avail.

Fortunately, days after, during their way home. Faith and her husband spotted Danilo and Digong once again. Not fond of losing an opportunity, the couple pulled over and approached Danilo. The couple even invited Danilo to have dinner with them in the restaurant they own.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Digong attentively assisted his owner. He pushed the wheelchair within a few feet away from the door Faith was holding open. Stepping aside as if he knew someone else would assist his beloved owner.

It was during the dinner they had shared that they found out about the unfortunate motorcycle accident that left Danilo bound in his wheelchair. And that despite being together for only seven months, Digong already knew well how to take care of his owner.

To update the people whose hearts were touched by Danilo and the wonder dog, Digong, Faith posted their personal meeting on her Facebook account as well.

“Finally… we met with kuya Danilo and his dog Digong,” she said, in a mixture of English and Filipino language. “We treated him in our restaurant so we could also have a chat with him.”

Truly, dogs are not only man’s best friend. Dogs are heavenly gifts from above, making our life filled with love, care, and compassion.

Watch the video below to witness the heartwarming loyalty and love Digong has for his owner Danilo, rendering his dutiful service to help his beloved family, Danilo.

Photos and Video | Faith L. Revilla

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