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Dad builds his family their own mini coffee bar in the backyard ‘from the ground up’

Ed Astrid works as a general contractor and as such he has a lot of yard ideas and one of them is having his own mini coffee bar. Now that he has so much time on his hands due to the pandemic lockdown, he used his skills and creativity to finally make it happen.

Recently, Ed’s daughter Julianna stunned the Twitter world as she shared some photos of the mini backyard coffee bar her father built.

What used to be just one of his yard ideas became a reality! Her post quickly went viral and now has 302,000 likes and was retweeted more than 36,000 times.

“He has always had a love for coffee and cozy spots and recently decided to fuel that love into something for his own backyard where the family and our guests can sit back lounge and bond,” Julianna explained in her post.

As a general contractor, it is not surprising that her father Ed would be able to build something this fancy and functional.

Julianna said she grew up watching her father build amazing things around their house as well as for other people. She looks up to him and has always seen him as an excellent builder.

According to her, Ed has worked on so many projects and he collected some of the “trash” from some of his past jobs. He made good use of these materials to help build his dream mini coffee bar.

When Ed told his family about his plan of building a DIY coffee shop, his family just laughed at the idea.

“My dad loves looking at little houses and different structures on Pinterest and randomly one day he told us ‘yea I think I’m gonna build a coffee shop in the backyard,’ all of us started cracking up because it was so random and honestly, just a funny thought,” said Julianna.

Nonetheless, this didn’t discourage Ed to give up his long-time dream. He clearly had a vision and nothing could get in the way of his plan of making one of his yard ideas come to fruition.

Ed worked on his backyard mini coffee bar project for three months, using his resourcefulness and construction know-how. Now, the amazing mini coffee shop sits in their backyard beside a patio.

Though it is little in size, it works like a normal coffee shop with cozy sitting areas. It is also complete with entertainment features such as TV, magazines, and chess table.

To give their guests a lovely coffee fix, the shop is equipped with a coffee maker, pastry case, mini-fridge, and menu board.

Apparently, Ed’s family and their guests were so impressed by this mini backyard coffee bar. Not only does it look incredible but the whole idea is very unique.

What’s most amazing is that Ed, a brilliant general contractor, built it in only three months.

Staying at home during the pandemic may have negative effects for all of us such as boredom and loneliness.

However, we can actually turn these into positive ones like what Ed did. Who would have thought that his long-time dream would come true in the midst of a global crisis?

Surely, if you will put your passion and creativity to use, you will achieve something amazing even in the comfort of your home.

Watch this video for a virtual tour on Ed’s backyard coffee shop:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.