This mini electric car looks like a washing machine and costs just $6,600

This electric vehicle retails for only €6,000 ($6,600), but there’s a catch: it closely resembles a washing machine and can only fit two people.

The Ami, which measures only 7 feet and 11 inches long, is a tiny electric car manufactured by French automaker Citroën.

It’s designed to be as affordable as possible, so you can’t expect it to have top-notch speeds and features. But for that price tag, it’s good enough for people looking for mobility and nothing else.


Last year, Citroën celebrated its 100th anniversary at the Geneva Motor Show, where the company revealed the Ami One concept. The Ami is its production version.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a used car that only costs €6,000, but the Ami isn’t actually marketed as a car. Citroën calls it a “non-conformist mobility object,” which seems to be a fitting description given its basic components.


It has a maximum speed of only 45 kilometers per hour (the same limit as the fastest e-bikes in Europe) and is powered by a 6 kilowatt, 8 horsepower electric motor.

Since it isn’t very fast, this vehicle can be driven by people as young as 14 in France—or 16 in other European countries where it’s available—without a license.

In these countries, the Ami is classified as a voiture sans permis (literally “car without license”) or a light quadricycle. For regulation purposes, this vehicle is treated like a four-wheeled scooter.


To keep manufacturing costs at a minimum, the Ami is built using as few unique parts as possible. The body parts used for the front and back ends of the vehicle are exactly the same.

The right and left doors are also exactly alike, which means that the driver’s side door hinge is at the back while the passenger’s side hinge is at the front.

Two passengers will enjoy the enclosed, heated cabin with a panoramic sunroof and windows that flip up manually.

Its gauge cluster is also very simple. There’s a holder in the middle of the dashboard meant to carry the driver’s smartphone, which will act as the central display screen in other cars.


Owners can download a companion app that will show various details about the car, such as driving range, navigation, current charge status, mileage, and maintenance alerts. It can also be used to locate nearby charging points.

As for storage, there’s a recess at the passenger’s feet that can fit a cabin-sized suitcase and another storage area at the rear.

This lightweight car comes with a small battery and is meant to be used mainly in cities. It has a range of only about 70 kilometers per single charge.

While that might seem like a disadvantage, the good thing is that the Ami can be fully charged within three hours using a standard 220V wall outlet found in most European establishments and households.

While the Ami isn’t technically a car, you can still customize it. Citroën offers customized wheel covers, body and roof stickers, and capsules on the sides like Airbump inserts.


Aside from purchasing the Ami for €6,000 ($6,600), customers can also rent it for €20 ($22) per month after making an initial payment of €2,644 ($2,919).

Users can also rent the car for around €0.26 per minute with a €9.90 monthly subscription ($11) via Free2Move, a car-sharing company operated by Citroën’s parent company, PSA.

The Ami can be bought online and delivered directly to the client’s home.

Unfortunately, Citroën doesn’t operate in the United States. The Ami is only available in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Germany.

Watch CARWOW‘s video review of the Ami below. What do you think of this minicar? Let us know in the comments!

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