Plane passengers cleared way to help dad in last row make it to his twins’ father-daughter dance

Mike good, an airplane passenger, only wanted to catch his twins’ father-daughter dance but he did not think this very desire would show the world how strangers could be so selfless and caring.

Good has been on a business trip and was flying from Nashville to Charlotte and wanted to make it home for a very special occasion. His twins’ father-daughter dance was going to happen soon but there he was, trying to catch a flight back home. There were thunderstorms in Charlotte that fateful day so nearly all the incoming flights were delayed or cancelled.

Luckily, he got a seat on an American Airlines flight but it was in the last row of the plane. Looking at how many passengers were inside the plane, Good thought it would take him a long time to get off the plane. He also had to drive for half an hour from the airport to their house so most probably; he wouldn’t make it to the dance. He was sure his twins, Lucy and Emily, would patiently wait for him and Good didn’t want to disappoint them.

Good had the chance to speak with the flight attendant because he was able to board early. Light-heartedly, he told her he was going to be in the dog house for missing his twins’ father-daughter dance.

Considering all the circumstances, Good was sure he was not going to make it. His heart even broke when the landing was furthered delayed when the plane had to circle the airport.

However, as their flight landed, Good had the surprise of his life. He heard the voice of the flight attendant announcing something. According to Good, “She told everyone there was a dad in the last row trying to make his twins’ father-daughter dance and we’d really appreciate if you’d let him off the plane so he could get there.”

Good was so shocked to see that none of the passengers moved to take off the plane. They all stayed in their respective seats, making sure the aisle was clear for him. Good took the chance and rushed off the plane, thanking everyone and wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

At 7:50, he made it to the dance and had a perfect night with his wife and twins. When he told his wife the story, she was in great disbelief.

He also shared the story with some dads in school and he was so surprised when one of them told him the next day that the story was trending online. One of the passengers tweeted the story and everyone was touched by the gesture of the passengers who were all strangers to Good.

Jenny Hale, the passenger who tweeted the story, said that she felt the need to “share the joy of that moment,” considering how the flight attendant and the passengers helped someone who just didn’t want to miss a family event.


Good believes that if not for the flight attended who made the announcement, he wouldn’t really make it to the dance. However, if the passengers were not supportive and cooperative, it would be nearly impossible for him to make it happen for his twins.