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This bride patiently knits her own wedding dress for 200 hours while spending only $290

Veronika Linberg was one happy bride after making her own knitted wedding dress and spending only less than $300.

It took her 200 hours to finish her wedding dress by hand but all her hard work was worth it after getting positive feedback from her loved ones and viewers.

Veronika, also known as Kika, has been knitting since she was five years old. Her grandmother taught her how to knit and ever since then, it has always been one of her greatest life passions.

In 2017, she started sharing photos of her knitting projects on Instagram. She later set up her YouTube channel where she posts knitting tutorials for beginners.

In late June, Veronika and her partner decided to get married. She instantly thought that making her own knitted wedding dress would be cool.

Though she only had about six weeks to work on it, she took the risk and crossed her fingers that she would finish it before her wedding day.

To get started, she ordered 2.5kg of white pure silk yarn and announced her plan on Instagram. She wanted to document the whole process on YouTube and show her viewers how far her creative prowess can go.

“When the thought of knitting my own dress first crossed my mind, I initially thought it would be stressful, especially since we were moving homes and planning the wedding at the same time,” Veronika confessed. Nonetheless, she went on with her plan and put her creative skills to work.

For inspiration, she looked up various dress designs on Pinterest including ones from Chanel and Christian Dior. She decided to create a knitted wedding dress inspired by those designs.

“I had such a specific vision of it in my mind, and I used an existing skirt I had to give me an idea of how I wanted it to fall around my hips and legs,” Veronika said.

The entire process was quite challenging, as Veronika expected. She had never knitted a dress before and was afraid it would look like a pajama dress instead of a wedding dress. Nonetheless, she stuck to her vision and focused on making a beautiful knitted wedding dress.

It took Veronika about 200 hours to finish the design and spent most of the next 45 days knitting. Because she had to focus on this particular project, she had to put her other videos on hold.

“This was the longest amount of time I’ve spent on a video, and it was quite challenging having to stay on top of making the dress and remembering to document key moments at the same time,” shared Veronika.

As if these challenges were not enough, Veronika encountered more problems while working on the wedding dress. For one, she finished the bodice after two weeks only to find out that it was too big for her.

She had to rip it and start all over again. The sleeves of the dress were also slipping down and it took her a while to fix them.

Finally, after all the slip-ups she came across, Veronika’s knitted wedding dress was finished and it turned out just perfect.

Not only her husband was impressed but also their wedding guests and millions of viewers who watched the process on YouTube.

Veronika said she was amazed by all the positive attention her video and her dress are getting. She also received messages from people all over the world that they were inspired to learn or to take up knitting again.

Though knitting is a challenging craft, Veronika hopes more people will get inspired to embrace creative projects no matter how ambitious they may seem.

“I hope my video will break some of the misconceptions sometimes associated with knitting like it being an outdated or an uncool craft,” Veronika said.

“If it inspires someone to give knitting or crochet a try – I’m so delighted.”

Watch this video and witness how Veronika created a beautiful, hand-crafted wedding dress:

You can more of her stunning knit works on Instagram.

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Donna Masterson

Friday 20th of January 2023

You are very talented and creative. I always wanted to learn how to do that. I have neuropathy in my hands now and can’t do any find needlework.

Saturday 12th of November 2022

This was awesome! I love the dress and your wedding was beautiful!

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