This bride made sure her dog will be a special part of her wedding day

It’s no longer rare to see pet owners dress up their dogs or cats. Many find it adorable and humorous, while others frown upon the practice. But what if your dog is wearing a wedding gown? A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love that is sweeter when witnessed by family and friends. Jennifer Hindieh

Hospital lets kids drive tiny cars to reduce their fears and anxiety

Going into surgery can be dreading and stressful to anyone, especially to children. This was what drove a California hospital to help reduce the anxiety of little patients by letting them drive tiny cars before they head to the operating room. Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California has two little cars for their youngest surgical

After crossing the border, US Coast Guard reunites dog with his owners who are from Canada

It’s not everyday that you get a call from the US Coast Guard. What more if you live in a different country! Kailaan Walker and his partner Lydia Selin tended horses and other animals on an 80-acre farm in Guelph, Ontario, and their dogs enjoyed the outdoors and had plenty of space to run and

107-year-old man still cuts hair full time, recognized by Guinness as the ‘world’s oldest barber’

Retirement is bliss for most people; but not for Anthony Mancinelli, a 107-year-old man who still works at a salon despite his age. In 2012, he was recognized by Guinness World Records as the “World’s Oldest Barber.” Anthony Manicelli has been working as a barber for more than 90 years now and doesn’t have any