3 Replies to “Sadly, some people will torment you with the past that you’d much rather forget”

  1. Yes, you’re right! Most or many of us have done things we are not proud of! We definitely need to forgive ourselves and let go of the past if we are to move forward. I wonder if when people are judging us it is a reflection of themselves and maybe they need to forgive themselves? We need to treat people as we would like to be treated and see the good in people rather than always focusing on the bad stuff. I think awareness, acceptance and forgiveness go hand in hand. Thank you for sharing this as I am sure it will resonate with many people… 🙂

  2. Pain is out to seek and lie and destroy. We can forgive ourselves as a part of our self care, as well as forgive what we simply didn’t know. It’s growth to accept the lesson (s) and let go of the pain. Choose happiness.

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