College students created these giant dog beds for humans and they’re a cozy dream come true

Don’t you wish sometimes you could trade lives with your dog? If you think about it, they live the best lives. They live rent-free in your house. They get the cutest outfits and accessories and receive the best diet and medical care.

And no matter how naughty they’ve been, you just can’t stay mad at them, especially when they start giving you that look. 

They get rewarded with treats, toys, and attention for doing the silliest things, too.

Noah and Yuki, the brains behind the dog bed for humans

When not playing, eating, or socializing at the dog park, your dog spends most of its time asleep. Now, who wouldn’t want to spend their days catching up on sleep and not worrying about paying bills, meals to be cooked, and dirty clothes to be washed?

Although trading lives ala “Freaky Friday” is impossible, you can enjoy some of the things your dog does. Like their very soft and comfortable dog bed, for example.

Woman sleeping on one of the Plufl bed.

Nap like a boss (or a dog), but better! No need to squeeze yourself into your dog’s bed when you want a cuddle or a cozy because now you can get your own dog bed!

Yes, you read it right―a dog bed for humans exists. Recently, it was featured on Shark Tank, where Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita accepted Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner’s offer of $200,000 for a 20% stake.

A Plufl - dog bed for humans

As college students, Yuki and Noah took a lot of naps on campus. The idea of a dog bed for humans came to them when they saw a big dog taking a blissful nap on a giant dog bed in their campus coffee shop.

The dog bed was big enough for a person, so why not make one specifically designed for humans?

Plufl dog beds come with super soft faux fur

The Plufl dog bed for humans is a nap/dog lover’s dream. Just like a dog bed, it’s also oval-shaped but made of 4-inch thick, orthopedic, and gel-infused memory foam.

It’s also covered with super soft faux fur, which makes it perfect for tucking your feet or hands while you sleep, reducing your anxiety or stress. You can also elevate your feet on the huggable plush pillow boosters to get rid of the tension in your body and experience sensory relief.

Woman sleeps on Plufl in front of fire place

It definitely has generous dimensions, giving you more reason to cuddle with your fur baby. It’s the perfect place to nap, even for people with ADHD or anxiety and stress issues, because it has their specific security and comfort in mind.

The Plufl dog bed for humans is great for relaxation and reducing tension

The Plufl bed measures 68 inches long and 38 inches wide and can accommodate even an adult 6’5” tall, their dog or cat, or even their human partner.

And unlike your regular bed that just stays in one corner of your room, you can fold up the Plufl dog bed easily and bring it wherever you want to nap. It only weighs 20 pounds and comes with handles so you can carry or move it around easily.

The Plufl dog bed for humans is foldable and lightweight.

Plufl bed covers are machine washable and made of natural and poly fibers. If you spill your drink while lounging, or you just want to give it a good wash, you can remove the faux fur covers and throw it in the washing machine.

Get your hands on this dreamy bed for US $499. If you order today, you can pay in four interest-free installments for delivery in January 2023.

Removing the cover is also quick and easy.

Get it for yourself, your kids, or your guests when they sleep over. You can even bring it when you travel or go camping or glamping, and you won’t need to pay for an extra bed. Aside from being cute and functional, it’s also an excellent self-care investment!

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