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Amazon driver spots elderly woman walking alone and takes her back home after learning she has dementia

As much as we want to, we can’t keep an eye on our elderly loved ones 24/7. A huge chunk of our day involves work, and we can only be with them physically once our shift is over.

Thankfully, we now have technology that allows us to watch them, even from afar.

Ring’s doorbell camera came in handy when a 92-year-old woman named Gigi, who has advanced-stage Alzheimer’s disease, wandered from her home in Franklin Park, New Jersey.

When she got out of her house alone one day, her granddaughter’s Ring doorbell captured the moment. Gigi left unnoticed and got lost walking around their suburban neighborhood.

Thankfully, an Amazon delivery driver named Wilmar was in the neighborhood at the same time. He noticed Gigi and stopped to help her.

“I was delivering and I saw this older lady was walking by,” he recalled. “She waved at me, which isn’t an odd occurrence, people wave at you all the time as an Amazon driver. But she was waving at me like something happened.”

He pulled over to see if everything was okay and noticed the woman had a wristband on. The medical alert bracelet had her name, her information, as well as who to contact.

Wilmar called Karen, Gigi’s granddaughter, who gave him her home address. She was out picking up her mom from the doctor, but as soon as she gave the driver her address, he took Gigi back to the house.

The moment was captured on the home’s doorbell camera. Wilmar parked his car out front and lifted Gigi out of the van like she was his own grandmother. Then, he led her inside the house and waved goodbye before leaving.

“I was able to flip on my Ring camera and watch them come into the driveway,” Karen said. “It gave us that extra layer of comfort and relief that we could see everything, that she was safe, she was where she needed to be.”

Karen thanks Wilmar for going “above and beyond.” She’s also grateful that her grandma was wearing the medical alert bracelet and they live in a neighborhood with a close-knit community that have each other’s backs.

Plus, having a man she knew take care of Gigi while she was gone gave her great comfort.

”It made me feel safe that she was taken care of by somebody who’s been to my home, somebody that had a connection to the house and the family,” Karen said.

The Good Samaritan considers himself a part of the community he makes deliveries in and believes that keeping the neighborhood safe is one of his responsibilities.

“I think it’s very important that the community looks out for one another. If something happens, see something, say something. You just wanna make sure that your neighbors are safe, everybody’s happy. It benefits all as long as we’re all contributing,” he said.

Gigi isn’t the only family member in Karen’s household who suffers from dementia; her father is also living with the condition. The elders both require 24/7 care, so Karen is grateful for any help she could get.

“Help” includes the doorbell cameras she has installed all over her home that give her peace of mind, especially when she’s not around to watch them.

Gigi and her dad have long forgotten how to use a phone, and the devices allow Karen to communicate with them.

Kudos to this delivery driver for coming to Gigi’s rescue! Watch the moment Wilmar brings this grandma back home after she wanders off in the video below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.