Little girl with Down syndrome becomes a TikTok star for doing her big sister’s hair and makeup

There’s nothing like the bond between sisters, and the relationship between Kalista Hesch and her 11-year-old sister, Worthy Rigelsky, is a testament to that.

The duo has become TikTok famous for their fun and girly videos that show them dancing, being silly, and making each other pretty.

But their fans’ most favorite clips are the ones showcasing Worthy’s hairstyling and makeup skills that she likes to practice on her big sister.

Kalista Hesch and her little sister Worthy Rigelsky

Worthy has Down syndrome and was adopted by her parents from China six years ago.

In an interview with People, Kalista spoke about her little sister.

“Worthy is, if I could describe her in one word, she’s just ‘pure joy,’ that’s always the first word that comes to mind,” she said. “She definitely has her moments, she’s human too, so she’s not always 100 percent happy, but I would say 99 percent of the time, she’s always just pure joy and just happy.”

Worthy doing Kalista's hair

The pair’s internet fame started when Kalista decided to stay the night at her parents’ house on the eve of her 19th birthday. That night turned into a fun sleepover between the sisters when they discovered their shared love for TikTok.

“I put on a song, and she was just standing behind me, and she was just fixing my shirt and adjusting my necklace and went like this to my hair, and everyone just flipped out,” Kalista recalled. “She’s just such a little perfectionist. She just wants to fix you up and make sure everything’s okay and every little detail’s perfect.”

She uploaded the video, and when she woke up the following day, she was surprised to see that it already hit 1 million views.

Three months later, Kalista and Worthy’s TikTok is filled with videos of Worthy putting makeup on her big sister or doing her hair. In the clips, you can see that she really works hard to make Kalista look fabulous. To her, beauty is serious business!

Worthy doing Kalista's hair

No one actually taught Worthy how to do these things; it just came to her naturally. Being the smart and attentive girl, Worthy watched her mom and her sister doing their hair and makeup and went on from there.

One day, Kalista tried handing her a straightener (which was unplugged), and the girl started giving her curls.

Kalista believes their videos have become so popular because of the joy they spread.

“On a platform such as TikTok where every other swipe is hate or opposition, people get to pause on our page to breathe and experience the joy that is Worthy,” she said.

People with Down syndrome experience developmental delays and intellectual disabilities. But their inherent happy and loving dispositions more than make up for these “shortcomings.”

Worthy applying balm on Kalista's lips

“She’s just like a little perfectionist, and she’s just always been, like I said she’s just pure love, so she just loves touching, she’s just so lovable, and when anyone comes over, she just grabs a hairbrush and immediately starts brushing their hair,” Kalista said of Worthy.

Between their Instagram and TikTok accounts, the pair has gained a massive following. Their videos and pictures also garner millions of views—their fans surely can’t get enough of them!

“Worthy literally means the world to me,” said Kalista. “Every day that I come over to my parents’ and see her big smile, I’m just so grateful to have her in my life… I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Click on the video below to learn more about this lovely duo from Wisconsin.

The relationship between these sisters is just oh so sweet. If you want to see more stuff from these awesome duo, follow them on Instagram and TikTok.

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