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80 Amish men move a house using their bare hands in an amazing display of strength and teamwork

In a 2014 video shared on YouTube, around 80 Amish men were seen moving a house from one place to another—and they all did it with their bare hands. They didn’t need a moving out company.

We bet you’ve never seen teamwork demonstrated like this before.

This is next-level house moving that only the Amish could do. While most of us would typically use machinery to uproot a house from its original foundation and set it down to another location, these people did it equipped with only literal manpower.

The event, which took place in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania, an area with just over 300 residents, was definitely a fascinating sight to see. We’re lucky it was recorded on video!

However, it’s unclear who took it as the Amish are known to be technology-averse, so they rarely allow cameras and pictures to be taken.

The six-minute video showcases the Amish men’s incredible ability to move house. After building it in a separate location, dozens of men grabbed hold from the inside and lifted it up to be placed on the foundation.

As they lifted the house from the inside, it looked like a gigantic caterpillar as only the feet of the helpers were visible. A few seconds into the move, they had to lift the house up higher so they could place bring it over the foundation.

Although the move is a jaw-dropping sight in itself, there’s still so much more to appreciate in the footage.

It was evident how much the Amish valued teamwork. There were a handful of men outside who were guiding the ones inside. Everyone patiently waited their turn to move to achieve a common goal.

Each of the men valued their fellow men’s importance and gave their all during the house move. There was even one adorable dog who looked like he was trying to help out!

What’s more, these strong men managed to slowly move the house without damaging its structure, which is quite an impressive feat.

After a few minutes of turning the house, the crew was able to put it in place. They pulled off the daunting task spectacularly; it was truly solid work.

The Amish are a group of traditional Christians affiliated with the Mennonite church, which originated in the 17th century among Jakob Ammann’s followers.

The Amish value family, humility, community, and separation from the world. Their everyday lives are governed by the Ordnung, an unwritten code of behavior. When a member disobeys these orders, they are shunned by the community.

The rules of the Amish vary depending on which community they belong to, but most of them don’t allow the use of technology. As much as possible, they stick to the traditional way of doing things instead of relying on modern tools.

This also means that they don’t use electricity, computers, and televisions. The Amish people believe that embracing and using these things might influence them to start living in personal vanity.

This incredible clip showcased the amazing strength of these people and their commitment to their way of life. By choosing to do things the old-fashioned way, this group was able to preserve its teachings, values, and culture.

Watch dozens of Amish men moving house in the video below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.