Former shipbuilder creates spectacular wooden bathtubs that resemble small vessels

Using his knowledge in marine technology, this architect is turning traditional wooden bathtubs into stunning works of art!

Each of us have different ways of spending our precious “me time”. Some like to spend it in action – exercising in the gym, taking a run outside, and going on hiking trips.

Others prefer activities that will relax them – enjoying a cold beer while watching their favorite TV show, window shopping, or immersing in a warm bubble bath with a book in hand.

Traditional bathtub turned into works of art using marine technology.
Traditional wooden bathtub | NK Woodworking

Which of the activities above are you mostly inclined to do?

If it is the latter, then this scene is probably already familiar to you: you draw yourself a warm bath, light up some scented candles, and soak yourself into that warm and fuzzy goodness.

With a glass of wine at bay, you hit that button and play your favorite music, and you let your eyes close until you’re overcome with a sense of pure satisfaction.

Man transforming wood into luxurious bathtub using marine technology.
NK Woodworking

That sounds so enticing, right?

Well, if you think that bathtub sessions like that couldn’t get any better, then you’re wrong. A master craftsman named Nathie Katzoff is the creative genius that brings to us this uniquely spectacular collection of wooden bathtubs that will surely amp up anyone’s bathroom!

NK Woodworking

With Nathie’s background in building wooden boats, he was able to incorporate his marine technology knowledge in his works, which further gave an extraordinary quality to his designs.

Nathie is the founder of Seattle-based NK Woodworking & Design. With his works described by one of his colleagues as “truly an artisan, where the line between function and art disappeared”, this man is surely overflowing with artistic talent.

It is because of his exceptional skill in designing that he was able to come up with these marvelous tubs that look so gorgeous, you’d want to just put them on display instead of bathing in them!

Designed with use of marine technology.
NK Woodworking

A Man Understands uploaded a clip of Nathie’s interview during the 2018 WestEdge Design Fair.

In that video, Nathie shared that creating handcrafted wooden bathtubs was an “evolution” from his expertise of wooden boat building, and he also mentioned how he was able to incorporate his marine technology knowledge in the finishing process of his works.

Employing his technical experience allowed he and his team to perfect a design that prevents water and wood from negative affecting each other, and he says that this makes his bathtubs maintenance-free.

NK Woodworking

Nathie also mentioned that the Lotus Bath Collection, in particular, is the “most popular collage made up of Mahogany and Walnut”, and that it took up to 3 to 4 months to create.

With the time and effort expended to create these tubs, it is not surprising at all that they were able to come up with such luxurious pieces.

Their team’s ingenuity on woodwork isn’t limited to solely bath pieces, as they also make world class custom staircases and fine wood furniture. You may visit their website to check out more of their bathtub designs and their other product offerings.

NK Woodworking

Nathie is also equally passionate about creating pieces that are durable and sustainable.

“If you’re gonna build something and it’s gonna last for two hundred years versus you’re gonna built something that’s gonna last for ten years, it’s probably the most sustainable thing you can do.” he said.

“When you walk in and you see one of these pieces, this is where your eyes are gonna focus. The rest of the bathroom is gonna fade away.”

We couldn’t agree more! Watch the video below to see more of his beautiful creations.