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Woman’s tiny home is a former garage turned into living space, inside looks spacious and elegant

Have you heard of Accessory Dwelling Unit?

In the past, moving into the garage used to be a joke, but in this era of tiny homes, a garage-sized home seems to make more sense.

Denise Bayron seems to think so after she proudly showed off her comfortable – and cute! – home, an accessory dwelling unit in Oakland, California.

She travels the world teaching those four crafts and spends her days making things by hand. Bayron’s style is minimal and practical, which is perfect for someone living in a tiny house.

Her home spans 280 square feet and is filled with her work and designs, inside and out. Each space of the house was thought out carefully and embodies Bayron’s personality and style.

The home is built on the footprint of a garage, which the homeowner turned into an accessory dwelling unit. An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a small living space that is either attached or detached from the primary residence. They are also known as tiny homes, granny pods, in-law units etc.

The owner lives in the main house and the two neighbors share a yard together. The space is perfect because Bayron loves the outdoors, and she gets to enjoy nature outside her home.

Bayron had moved to California for the blue skies and the access to the ocean, so she was quite happy to create an intimate outdoor space to welcome family and friends.

The yard is filled with plants, including three cacti that she brought over from her previous home.

In designing her outdoor space, Bayron reached out to a company in Canada called Article, and asked if they would consider sponsoring some furniture.

They provided her with furniture made from acacia wood, which can withstand heat and rain.

She then custom-sewed the covers for all the furniture using vinyl shower curtains. A smokeless fire pit adds warmth to the cozy outdoor area.

Moving inside, no on

e would ever think that the accessory dwelling unit used to be a garage.  The homeowner, who is an architect, knocked down three of four walls when rebuilding the garage. Skylights allow natural light to flow into the house, and this feature made Bayron decide that this was the home for her.

Bayron maximized the limited space of the accessory dwelling unit by building easily identifiable, but seamlessly blending zones.

On the left side of the door is her bed, with bins holding supplies and shoe racks stored underneath.

A credenza lies along the length of the bed to ensure privacy and direct visitors to the sofa. This is where she can relax and do some knitting at a relaxed pace.

Her desk lies in front of a window, which allows natural light in. Bayron built an additional shelf on top to hold craft materials and more plants.

On another end of the room is a multipurpose table, which opens into a full working table or sewing area. She also places her sewing machines underneath if she wants to use the table for dining. The table also has plenty of drawers for storage.

The kitchen is small, but just enough for her needs. It contains a small sink, a two-burner stove, and a small fridge. The bathroom holds more plants, and additional shelf space for toilet essentials.

Living in an accessory dwelling unit is a practical choice given the price of real estate in California. This way, Bayron is saving money to buy a home in the future, preferably with her dream sewing studio.

The tiny home let’s her live within her financial means while enjoying her chosen lifestyle.

The limited physical limit also means that she has to be intentional with all her purchases, to ensure that she only gets what she needs, and they all have space within the home.

This accessory dwelling unit has everything a home needs and the style to match! Who would have thought that this beautiful home was formerly a garage. The size may hint at it, but the comfort and ambiance can match any home out there.

Bayron is a designer who does knitting, sewing, and macramé patterns, which she sells on her website.

Take a look at Bayron’s lovely home in the video below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.