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Woman quits corporate job, builds adorable tiny home for $9K and pursue her passion for arts

Many people are attracted to being in the corporate world because they think it would lead to stability, financial security, and a pleasant lifestyle.

However, as they strive to move up the corporate ladder, some people find themselves sucked into what is known as the rat race.

Rita Marie Carr, who now lives in an adorable tiny home, used to live in an apartment in Dallas and worked at a software firm.

“I thought that it was the type of job I needed to have to keep climbing the ladder and getting the job that would make me enough money,” Rita said.

Occasionally granted the opportunity to work remotely, Rita embarked on road trips in her trusty Jeep Wrangler, pretending that she still lived in Dallas, all while concealing her unconventional living arrangements: a life spent in her Jeep with her two canine companions, slumbering each night in a hammock.

However, as time passed, Rita recognized the incompatibility between her nomadic lifestyle and her demanding corporate job. Consequently, she acquired a vehicle capable of accommodating a fully functional workstation and towing her Jeep along her journeys.

So, Rita bought a Ford shuttle, a 2001 Triton V10, spent five weeks and two days turning the bus into an adorable tiny home, and shelled out roughly $9,000.

Rita’s trusty bus, Wilbur, is a formidable vehicle weighing 14,873 pounds, measuring 20 feet in length and eight feet in width while delivering an average fuel efficiency of around ten miles per gallon. Notably, it possesses the capability to tow Rita’s beloved Jeep effortlessly.

Originally adorned in a lackluster moldy green and white color scheme, Wilbur underwent a remarkable transformation at Rita’s skilled hands.

She invested approximately six hours, including the painstaking task of sanding, to paint the bus a vibrant shade of pink, a hue more to her liking.

Regrettably, Rita encountered a terrifying incident when Wilbur’s original doors unexpectedly gave way during a drive at 65 miles per hour. According to her account, the doors suddenly broke open, necessitating prompt replacement and repair.

“The doors just opened up and let the trash and dog leashes and a couple of other things out into the highway,” she claimed.

She replaced it with a door she bought from Habitat for Humanity for $60, which fits perfectly.

Rita said she lived in her Wrangler Jeep, which she called River, for the first six months of her life on the road.

“I’ve been living full-time on the road for almost three years. I’m so happy with this bus,” she said.

Rita’s adorable tiny home has other doors which are very useful.

A door at the back with a wheelchair lift and another one on the side that serves as her shower.

“I have a shower tent if I’m in a more public setting or if there’s a lot of campers out,” she explained.

Rita’s well-equipped bus boasts a 12V propane water heater and a six-gallon water tank, ensuring she can enjoy four refreshing showers.

Additionally, the bus is fitted with a 400-watt solar panel system, seamlessly integrated with the alternator. This clever setup allows battery charging even when sunlight is scarce, providing her a lot of convenience.

Inside Wilbur, Rita has added her personal touch, adorning the dashboard and steering wheel in a charming shade of pink.

Furthermore, she maximized the available space by installing additional storage units above the windshield after removing unnecessary insulation and wiring.

The ceiling of Rita’s adorable tiny home is a testament to her creativity and resourcefulness. Crafted from pallet wood, she meticulously chopped and artistically installed the wooden panels, lending a unique aesthetic to her home.

Rita playfully remarks that the wooden pallets infuse her home with the familiar scent of Home Depot, evoking fond memories of the popular hardware store.

For Rita, a coffee lover, a coffee station holds a place of pride within the bus. It is a cozy spot where she can indulge in her love for coffee and share delightful mornings with her friends.

One of the most cherished aspects of the bus is Rita’s art studio, which she deems essential and a significant improvement over her previous nomadic life in the Jeep.

Wilbur offers her an ample workspace, abundant storage for her art supplies, and enough room for her paintings to dry. The bus’s power supply is crucial to run her computers, as Rita specializes in graphic design.

Beyond the convenience and functionality, the bus provides Rita with a sheltered indoor space, ample lighting, and protection from the elements, ensuring her comfort during her nomadic lifestyle.

Among the sentimental treasures within her adorable tiny home, Rita holds dear a small cup holder gifted by her recently departed mother. It is the sole ceramic or glass item inside the bus, a cherished memento she has treasured for nearly three years.

Visitors to Rita’s cozy home should heed her friendly warning: numerous hooks adorn the walls, serving as drying spots for wet palettes. As a result, she humorously advises against wearing white garments, given the possibility of encountering damp paint during their visit.

“You won’t last 15 seconds in this bus without touching something with wet paint on it,” Rita explained.

Located at the rear of her adorable tiny home, Rita’s living room serves a dual purpose as her bedroom. Furnished with a convertible sofa, which conveniently folds out into a queen-size bed, it offers the flexibility to accommodate overnight guests.

However, Rita often enjoys the abundant space alongside her canine companions and thus only occasionally unfolds the bed at night. The cozy living room provides ample comfort and room for Rita and her furry friends to relax and unwind.

“You can fit five girlfriends on the couch here,” she said.

Rita expresses her fondness for the abundance of doors in her bus, as they contribute to a welcoming and vibrant living room ambiance.

In the middle area of the bus is Rita’s closet. Originally intended as a bathroom, the space now serves as valuable storage since she has installed showers on the rig’s side door.

On the opposite side of the bus, Rita’s kitchen takes its place. This functional and well-designed area allows her to prepare meals and indulge in her culinary pursuits while enjoying the mobility and comfort of her adorable tiny home.

“One of my favorite things about my kitchen is how many tiny spots you can see my art,” said Rita.

Rita has gone the extra mile in her kitchen setup to enhance functionality. She constructed an additional countertop that expands, providing ample cooking space whenever needed.

She incorporated small hammocks where she places her fresh produce, serving as a decorative reminder and a practical solution for organizing ingredients.

Adding a touch of nostalgia to her kitchen, Rita repurposed a bucket she acquired from her parents’ farmhouse as a sink.

Resourcefully, she skillfully carved a space on the kitchen counter to hold the bucket, blending rustic charm with modern convenience.

“I’m so happy with the bus that I just want to rearrange and redesign it. If this thing died tomorrow and I couldn’t fix it, I would buy another of the same lot I got from, start over, and do the same thing.”

Take a tour of Rita’s adorable tiny home by watching the video below:

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Friday 2nd of June 2023

no toilet?

Sunday 25th of June 2023

@Gail, She did say that she refigured the toilet as seating, so I gather it is concealed under a bench or some such….

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