13 thoughts on “When You Finally Realized Your Worth”

  1. Sometimes it may take a few times to get there, but then you get through it and out of the other side, and start to live a real life of your own…we find the strength from within.

  2. I was In a destructive relationship but I felt I was completely in love with this person, I had two jobs, a business, a lovely apartment and the best friends I had ever met but the for the whole time I felt empty inside because the relationship was so volatile. I never thought I could leave, I tried many times but felt he had a very strong hold over me. After three years, I could no longer cope so I packed up and I drove 450 miles away from the place back home. That was two months ago. I have to say it was the most difficult move I have ever made and now I have nothing, it’s been a very long hard lesson and a learning curve regards to myself. I say I have nothing, no job, no boyfriend, not many friends, not much family around but that’s right now. I hope it will change. I am possibly going to the USA to work this summer but I have to say, I am trying not to have regrets. After a while your mind plays tricks on you, you start to forget all the bad and you focus on some nice memories which make it worse. I am here for a reason now, I just don’t know where this is going. Big love for anyone whose going through the same. Xx

  3. very good message…….Oh you said it right It has everything to do with strength, but oh so difficult to do, esp ecially in certain circumstances thank you for your quotes.

  4. when you walk away from a person who is not right for you is always a blessing and can not even describe the value of worth in it.

  5. I hope and wish your children will return to you soon. As a mother we know the pain of separation from children.

  6. This took me many years and more tears than I ever imagined. I had to walk away from my 2 adult children, it still stings and God willing they will someday return. Everyone else I ran for dear life from. I’m learning so much about me, my worthiness, my capacity to have a wonderful peaceful life. That I can say now…it was all worth it. Thanks for this posting. Nora

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