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This bride made sure her dog will be a special part of her wedding day

It’s no longer rare to see pet owners dress up their dogs or cats. Many find it adorable and humorous, while others frown upon the practice. But what if your dog is wearing a wedding gown?

Adidog via Amazon

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love that is sweeter when witnessed by family and friends. Jennifer Hindieh and her longtime boyfriend know this very well. Thus, the blushing bride made sure that those who have a special place in her heart will be a part of her big day.

“We got engaged October 31 of 2018,” Jennifer happily shared with The Dodo. “It was very low-key — at home in the morning with Bailey on my lap while I was drinking coffee.”

Jennifer Hindieh | Facebook

Bailey, an adorable pit bull, is Jennifer ‘s dog and a special member of their family. Jennifer and her then-boyfriend found the then 5-month-old Bailey in the North Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York. Charmed by Bailey, the couple took her home and nurtured her with love.

Jennifer believes that her wedding day wouldn’t be complete without her best buddy- Bailey. In addition, the bride feels that her pitbull would enjoy the company of their family and friends. After all, Bailey is a playful dog who warms the heart of people she meets.

Jennifer Hindieh | Facebook

“Literally, she would jump in a stranger’s car and lick them to death.” Jennifer said, sharing the friendly nature of her dog.

As she was planning the details of her special day, Jennifer thought of including Bailey in the sacred ceremony. Bailey would not only serve as a witness but would walk down the aisle by her side.

And so, Jennifer wasted no time in looking for Bailey’s own wedding dress.

Since Bailey is comfortable in wearing hoodies every time they go out, Jennifer knew that wearing a dress would not be a problem for her best friend. Thus, when she stumbled upon a beautiful dress on Etsy made by CocoAndBushkaCouture, she knew it would be perfect for Bailey.

“I decided to get her a dress because honestly, she is my family, my baby and our life with her is what makes every day so special,” Jennifer explained. “I don’t know if I can ever have kids, but for me, she’s like my kid.”

The lovely couple is set to tie the knot this September, but the photo of Bailey fitting her own wedding gown is already making rounds online. A lot of people who have seen Bailey wearing her wedding gown found her totally adorable!

Jennifer Hindieh | Facebook

“This made me teary-eyed. I love my dogs and treat them as my own siblings!” A Facebook user said, relating with Jennifer’s bond with Bailey.

“I think it’s adorable. My little dog was my ring bearer in my wedding.” Another Facebook user said, sharing how her dog took part on her own special day.”

I would want to see the wedding pictures!” Another Facebook user said, expressing her excitement over Jennifer’s wedding day.

Jennifer Hindieh | Facebook

As it turns out, a wedding gown is not the only thing Jennifer has prepared for Bailey. She and her soon to be husband also made sure that Bailey will enjoy a safe and dog edible mini cake! And although September is still months away, it sure is safe to say that even Bailey is already looking forward to hearing the wedding bells!

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