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Waffle House employees banded together to help co-worker make it to his high school graduation

This Waffle House crew thought he would miss his high school graduation, but his co-workers wouldn’t let that happen.

Timothy Harrison made it just in time for the ceremony, and it took several good-hearted people to make that possible.

The teen started working at the Waffle House in Center Point, Alabama, just weeks before his high school graduation. And when he asked his manager, Cedric Hampton, if he could have the night off to attend the ceremony, his boss immediately agreed.

But on the day of his graduation, the 18-year-old showed up to work in his uniform instead of a cap and gown.

As it turns out, Timothy didn’t have the means to get to the ceremony across town. He also couldn’t get tickets for his family because he was working and didn’t complete all his senior activities after their classes in Woodlawn High School ended.

“That’s when I said why aren’t you going to graduation?” Cedric said “And he said ‘I don’t want to miss work.’ So I was like, you’re going!”

Timothy’s co-worker, Shantana Blevins, asked the teen what they needed to do to help him.

They didn’t want Timothy to miss this important milestone, so the Waffle House team and even some of the customers banded together to make sure he makes it to his graduation.

Cedric told Timothy to get his paperwork and call his school to get his cap and gown. And to make sure he looked good for this special day, Cedric, along with Chasadee Brown and Patricia Richardson, drove to a nearby clothing store to get Timothy a shirt, tie, and slacks.

With help from the staff, Timothy donned his attire right there in the restaurant.

“When I put on clothes, that was a different feeling,” he said. “I don’t even know the words. A million dollars? It was the best feeling.”

Shantana then drove him 20 miles to Birmingham CrossPlex, the venue of his high school graduation. She didn’t have a ticket, so she waited in the parking lot.

“To see his face when he came out, that was priceless,” Shantana recalled after seeing him in his cap and gown, diploma in hand.

By the end of the day, Timothy got his high school diploma, a ride home, and rest of the night off.

This teen has been through tough times and thought he wouldn’t make it to his graduation. But, luckily, he had good people around him.

“I had people want to see me succeed, so it kind made me excited,” he said.

Cedric said Timothy deserved to receive that kind gesture.

“He’s a fine young man,” he told the Washington Examiner. “He’s a hard worker, very polite. It’s the least we could do for him.”

But the story didn’t end there. After Timothy’s story made headlines, Lawson State Community College took notice and offered him a full scholarship, books included!

“I really didn’t expect that to happen,” Timothy said. “To know that I have a path to go somewhere, that’s something new.”

On the other hand, Cedric says they will be there to “help guide him” as he figures out what he wants to do in life. The teen said he is considering opening his own business in the future.

Timothy was struggling just weeks ago, and now, the future is looking bright for him, all thanks to the generosity and kindness of some people.

“You never know who you can touch or who you can influence with one simple gesture,” Shantana said.

Indeed, it was a day that he and his co-workers will forever remember.

“This is a memory I will cherish forever,” Timothy said. “I’m going to tell my kids about this.”

Check out the video below to learn more about this sweet story. 

Congratulations, Timothy!

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