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Two sisters bought matching tiny homes, and now they’re neighbors in a tiny-home village

Sisters Alexis and Ashley live side by side in their tiny houses that are virtually identical on the outside. Inside, however, their houses reflect who they are as they design home based on their lifestyles and personalities.

Alexis and Ashley grew up together from their childhood home to a college apartment, but Alex said it “was exhausting.” After all, the two ladies are not close and have different preferences.

The sisters shared an apartment in Florida in 2018 when Ashley said she wanted to move and live with her friends.

Alexis realized that she could not afford the $1,390 rent alone, but at that time, she was learning about living in a tiny house.

Meanwhile, their mother had recently passed, leaving them with life insurance benefits, so the elder sister, Alexis, thought she would buy a tiny house.

She dragged her sister upon meeting the builder.

“I think we toured one house and were like, ‘OK, this is really cool,'” Alexis said. “Then we toured the second house, and Ashley was like, ‘OK, I’m going to get a tiny house, too.”

The sisters bought two identical little houses, each decorated to reflect their unique personalities.

They had no idea they would wind up being neighbors. After all, they did not grow up as particularly close.

After finding a common interest in tiny houses, the sisters started to embrace their differences. They are now living close to each other and supporting each other while keeping their lifestyle.

The ladies rent a lot in Circle Pond Tiny Home Community in Central Florida for $475 a month. The rent includes sewer hookups and electricity.

Ashley’s house, which features a minimalistic color palette of black, white, and grey, cost around $80,000 to construct. Her 325-square-foot home features a kitchen, an open living area, a lofted bedroom, and a bathroom with a tub.

Ashley calls her tiny house “The Chef’s Kitchen” as she loves cooking. So, she mainly design home with large, comfy kitchen.

Moreover, her kitchen has a lot of space for cooking tools, utensils, condiments, and spices.

Her loft also has a dedicated space for her shoes. She loves shoes but had to let go of many pairs to move in.

Her little dwelling is the pinnacle of contemporary design, in her opinion.

On the other hand, Alexis calls her home “The Wood Haven as it is made mostly of wood, and it is her haven, which she shares with her 2-year-old daughter, Nalini – her “boss baby.”

Alexis favors an orange-undertone color palette and natural wood finishes for its “homey and welcoming” ambiance.

Her open-concept kitchen and living area are on the ground floor, along with a bathroom. Her home is also 325-square-foot in total.

She loves reading, so she has a huge bookshelf and a reading nook that doubles as toy storage.

Her tiny house has two lofts, but she uses the other as storage for her daughter’s stuff.

Alexis said she is not a fan of cooking, so she has an average kitchen. However, she has ample living room space so she can dance.

She spent $75,000 to build and design home she describes as homey, simple, and comfy.

“We love our houses,” Ashley said. “I think it’s because it’s designed for each of us. It’s how we wanted it.”

Alexis is raising her daughter while taking a master’s degree in anthropology, according to Insider.

On the other hand, Ashley enjoys the company of her fur babies, Shih Tzus Tulula and Chaos, while finishing her master’s degree in exercise and nutrition.

The sisters follow different paths but agree that living in a tiny house works for them.

They are living next to each other, which keeps them connected.

“We’re so happy here,” Alexis said.

Look at their tiny houses by watching the video below.

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