Display of sportsmanship as winning team consoles crying opponents is a teachable moment

Honorable. Professional. Sportsman. Sometimes not the familiar words you can associate with sports involving adults. However, the Junior players of the Barcelona’s Infantil B side is winning the heart and respect of people all over the world, when they showed that they are the perfect example of these three words despite their young age.

The stunning interaction between the youth soccer team of Barcelona and Japan during the finals of the Junior Soccer World Challenge is winning the hearts of people all over the internet once again.

In connection with the bad sportsmanship demonstrated by some athletes from different fields, it sure is refreshing to the eyes to see young athletes having a strong sense of respect, honor, and sportsmanship.

Players from the Barcelona’s youth team is one of the most popular soccer teams in the world, thanks to the La Masia Academy which has been producing numerous soccer superstars over the years.

However, for the first time, Barcelona’s youth team are not making an uproar due to their incredibly amazing skills, but for their breathtaking sportsmanship and compassion to fellow young athletes from their opposing team.

The young sportsmen from La Masia beat Japan’s junior players from Omiya Ardija with a score of 1-0. Thanks to a goal made by Xavi Planas, the final whistle was blown in favor of the Barcelona Junior team, making them the victors of the finals in World Challenge Cup.

As the Barcelona Junior players claim their victory, distraught and devastation were written all over the faces of the Japanese Junior players. One player was even seen crouching on the pitch with his head in his hands. Some players, on the other hand, stumbled around as they cried and sobbed over their loss.

Surprisingly, instead of being carried away by their sweet victory, the young players from Barcelona chose not to bask in their success. Instead, the children rushed to the side of their opponents and offered words of advice and encouragement. The team captain even urged the heartbroken Japanese players to keep their heads up despite their loss.

After the beautiful interaction demonstrating respect, honor, sportsmanship, compassion, and even kindness between the two teams, the team captain of Barcelona’s Junior team led his team to a bow in front of the crowd. Expressing thanks and respect to the audiences.

Over the years, the impressive interaction of these young athletes has garnered more than 80 millions of views, shares, and likes.

“Thank God we have young people in the world who can show compassion and generosity towards others. We have so many adults in our world who don’t,” one netizen expressed his thoughts about the compassion and sportsmanship displayed by the Barcelona team, through the comment section.

Our mature athletes and even adults who are not players definitely should learn from these young professional soccer players who are a living definition of what a true sportsman should be.

Watch the stunning actions of the Barcelona Junior players which stole the hearts and respect of people all over the world. Proving that maturity is not measured by age, but is an attitude built from proper nurturing.

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