This toddler reciting words of affirmation to calm herself is just plain adorable

I know many adults who recite positive affirmations every morning to jumpstart their day, and they say it’s been helping them keep a more optimistic attitude and mindset every day.

Turns out, the practice can also benefit children as young as two years old. That’s what this toddler named Brilee from McCloud, Oklahoma, demonstrated in an adorable video that recently went viral.

A little girl crying because she smashed her fingers in a door

In the clip, the toddler’s mom, Shelbee Haderer, is helping Brilee soothe herself after she smashed her fingers in a door.

The child ended up crying and was upset by the painful incident, but Shelbee had an unconventional yet effective method of helping her forget about the unpleasant experience quicker.

First, Shelbee told her to take deep breaths, and Brilee—still in tears—obediently followed her mom’s advice. Once she was a bit calmer, Shelbee asked her to repeat these words: “I’m okay. I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I’m loved. I’m worthy.”

After uttering those positive affirmations, Brilee appeared more cheerful than she was moments ago. It just goes to show that this practice works for people of all ages!

A little girl uttering positive affirmations

Those affirmations are more than just words. They’re also lessons that I believe every kid should learn from the outset, so they grow up to become adults who genuinely believe these ideas and manifest them in their lives.

“Thank you, mom” was all that Brilee had to say to her mom towards the end. The way she said it will surely have your hearts melting. What a sweet girl!

KOCO 5 News posted a video of the cute moment on its Facebook page in July. So far, the post has garnered over 123K reactions. Thousands of viewers praised Brilee for her sweetness and Shelbee for raising her daughter well.

A little girl uttering positive affirmations

Here are some of their comments.

“That is so amazing! Good job Mom raising your daughter the way you are! She is so adorable!” said one user.

“Great job Mom that is such an adorable thing that you’re helping your little girl to calm down! She’s such a sweetheart.” another commented.

“This is so awesome! What a beautiful thing to teach your daughter! And when she said “i love you mom” just melted my heart.” one viewer said.

“That is absolutely lovely. This makes me think you are truly a loving mother. A sweet and tender moment it appears,” said another.

Brilee Haderer and her mom Shelbee Haderer posing for a photo

It’s great that at an early age, Shelbee is already teaching Brilee how to take control of her emotions. Although her feelings of hurt were totally valid, learning how to deal with tough experiences—even on her own—will help her during her formative and adult years.

The relationship between this mother and daughter is just so precious. You can already tell from the short clip that they’re going to be each other’s confidantes and best friends for the rest of their lives.

You may watch the adorable moment in the video below. Don’t forget to share this story!

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  1. Omg my heart. This is an amazing way to help a child not only in the moment but her future as well!!! Great video. Inspiring video. Thank you

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