Teens laugh on old man stuck in the bathroom, stranger overhears and helps immediately

Sometimes, when we think we are in the darkest of times, that’s when some miraculous things happen.

And that’s what Marcus Pass from Cookeville, Tennessee became for an old man as Marcus was just having lunch one day. 

Marcus said on his Facebook post that he was having lunch at Zaxbys when he heard a teenager laughing, talking about an old man who was having problems getting off the toilet.


Marcus did not waste any time and went to check on the old man himself. As he went in the bathroom, he said he could hear the man crying.

Marcus asked the man if he’s all right, to which the old man responded that he couldn’t get up from the toilet because his legs were too weak, and that he had left his cane by the door.

Without missing a beat, Marcus asked the old man to open the door. He helped the elderly get up and pulled the man’s pants up for him. He noticed that the man was wearing a Vietnam Veteran hat on.


The old man then gave him a hug and told Marcus that he is 69 years old. The man also told him that that was the most embarrassing moment of his life with tears in his eyes. Marcus thanked the old man for everything he’s done.

But that’s not enough for Marcus, he actually walked the old man to the lobby and made the teenager who laughed earlier apologize to the man.

Marcus ended his post with: “Getting old is inevitable, but being a complete asshole to a stranger is not.”

It’s very hard to find optimism when faced with a difficult situation. But sometimes, life sends someone unexpected our way to give us help.


Just like with the old war veteran — what he deemed as the most embarrassing moment of his life was changed because of a stranger who showed some humanity; could you imagine what would have happened to him if Marcus didn’t bother helping?

But Marcus chose to care and he also cared enough to teach a young man how to treat others better.

It may have been a year since Marcus’s act of kindness, but his Facebook post about it reached over 102,000 likes and was shared more than 46,000 times.

2 thoughts on “Teens laugh on old man stuck in the bathroom, stranger overhears and helps immediately”

  1. God Bless this man for doing the right thing!!! I’m so tired of the way people act on the others who turn a blind eye! Doesn’t anyone have a heart or a soul anymore.! It’s good to know that at least you Marcus and a few others out there are still human beings that have a hearts!!! I think lately what happened to mankind? I am sickened by the pure coldness of some people and the others that watch and don’t help are just as bad as the assholes! Where are the human beings with a heartbeat 💓??
    Respectfully, Stephanie

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