People are transforming Home Depot Tuff Sheds into affordable two-story tiny homes

When we talk about beautiful, cozy homes, can you picture Home Depot Tuff Sheds? Well, most people didn’t see it coming either. It all started when the tiny house movement convinced Americans to downsize their lives and live in a smaller home with fewer qualms and less time need to clean their home’s every nook

The Lily Pad – a cozy cabin made from a shipping container that’s hidden in the woods, see inside

Home is where the heart is. This saying couldn’t be more accurate if you’re staying in a home you love! That’s how Airbnb took over the world, created an “economy of sharing “for weary travelers, transients, and wanderlust vacationers with cozy shelter.  But one Airbnb listing stands out from the rest—Dianna’s living space dubbed as the