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Woman brings her childhood dream tiny home to reality – ‘I’m still pinching myself day to day’

A lot of people have a childhood dream home but not everyone is able to buy or build it when they grow up.

Luckily for 32-year-old Tyshae, she got to build her dream tiny home and even left her old life behind to live in it.

Ever since she was little, Tyshae always wanted to live in a tiny home. Though they lived in a huge house, she realized a smaller home would be better for her when she has her own space.

She first saw a tiny house on wheels when she was twelve and instantly fell in love with it. When she grew up, she got busy with her career and put her childhood dream aside.

However, when she learned about a tiny house village in Dallas Texas, her childhood visions came back to life. She worked with Indigo River Tiny Homes and started working on her downsizing plans.

Tyshae’s childhood dream tiny home is now in the palm of her hand. It might be a lot smaller than what she was used to but it has everything she needs and even a balcony, which she’s having for the first time.

“My 12-year-old self would be very, very happy, satisfied, and excited. I’m still pinching myself day to day to kind of be sure it’s happening. Because the way that I saw this as 12 years old is literally here, it’s just amazing how powerful the mind is,” said Tyshae.

Right into her luxurious tiny house was a spacious kitchen with immense counter space, a big fridge, and a large oven.

Underneath Tyshae’s fridge was a drawer full of seasonings which she loves because she can just grab them when she is baking or cooking something in the oven.

She left more space past the kitchen to make room for either a bar or a dining area.

Apart from cooking, she also loves art so she placed a long shelf above her kitchen to store her art collections.

As a massage therapist, Tyshae made sure there is a place where she can do her massage sessions. She then used the corner of the room for meditation.

Though the house is small, there is a cozy entertainment area with a couch and a television. Even her bathroom speaks of minimalism with only a sink, toilet, shower, mirror, and shelf.

Upstairs is where Tyshae’s loft is, where there’s a comfortable bed and a shelf. Her favorite part of this room and her entire house is the skylight above her bed which illuminates the bedroom throughout the day.  

Tyshae also has a balcony large enough for her to practice yoga. She is glad that she has enough space to exercise and practice her holistic approach to health and fitness.

Outside her tiny home is a porch with a quartz lamp with a little barbecue.  At the side of it is a small plot of land.

For now, there is only grass but she intends to plant fruits and vegetables on it and turn it into a garden.

Tyshae’s tiny home cost $85,000 but she believes it is all worth it as she is now seeing the realization of her childhood dream.

“Overall, I would just really encourage people if they are thinking about this lifestyle, even if it is just minimizing yourself in general. I would just encourage people to really think about your wants vs. needs. Whether you do decide to go tiny, maybe want to go to an RV or van life, who knows,” Tyshae said.

According to her, a lot of people get scared of building their dream tiny house because of the price but she believes that money will come where we need it.

“I tell people just literally think about what you want, not what you don’t want, to happen no matter what it is.

Then that energy itself will give you what you need and literally pave the way for what you want, and it just kind of comes to you a lot easier.”

Check out Tyshae’s tiny house tour in this video:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.