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Susan Boyle delivers heart-tugging rendition of ‘Stand by Me’

The world fell in love with Susan Boyle back in 2009, when she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent with a powerful performance of the ballad “I Dreamed a Dream”. Now, the Scottish songstress has done it once again, showcasing her golden voice with her rendition of one of the best songs of all time, “Stand by Me”.



Susan was only 47 years old when she tried her luck at Britain’s Got Talent. During her audition, the woman shared with the judges her dream of becoming a professional singer – a confession that received laughter from the audience. But once her performance was done, nobody was laughing anymore – Susan blew them all away with her brilliant execution of “I Dreamed a Dream”!

Now, the 58-year-old singer is set to mark a decade since that unforgettable audition by releasing a new album. And as a teaser, Susan’s recording of “Stand by Me” – which will feature on her new album Ten – has been shared on YouTube.



Considered as one of the best songs of all time, “Stand by Me” was originally performed by American singer-songwriter Ben E. King. Since its release in the 1960s, the classic has been covered by numerous talented artists such as John Lennon, Seal, and Tracy Chapman. It was also featured on the soundtrack of the 1986 film of the same name.

The music video begins with Susan – looking all stunning wearing a glittery frock – singing one of the best songs of all time into a microphone. The video also features a young lass watching singers perform on an old television while her mother sleeps beside her.

Towards the end, it was revealed the girl’s dream of becoming a star came true when her mother takes her to the theater. Eventually, the story implied that the little girl grows up to be Susan.



Even though a decade has passed, the singer hasn’t lost her touch – not even a bit! Hers is one of the sweetest voices that you could ever hear, and we just couldn’t get enough.

Watch as Susan performs “Stand by Me” in the video below.

Truly, Susan Boyle is a treasure to music industry, and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us!

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