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How to make sure you see Positive Outlooks’ pic quotes and stories on Facebook

Have you been missing our beautiful picture quotes and positive stories on your newsfeed? If the answer is yes, what can YOU do to keep seeing Positive Outlooks on your newsfeed?

The most IMPORTANT thing you have to do is make sure SEE FIRST is activated. This means Facebook will prioritize our posts to appear on your newsfeed. It’s super easy to do and will walk you through it.

If you’re using a MOBILE phone, here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Be sure that you have already clicked LIKE and Following. See red circles.

Step 2: When you clicked the Following button this will show up. Be sure that you choose SEE FIRST and notification is also active. See red circles.

If you’re using your DESKTOP computer, just look at the image below.

Here’s how:
Step 1. Begin with the Following tab, click on it and a drop down menu will appear.
Step 2. Click on See First.

That’s it! You have shown that you really love us and told Facebook we are your priority.

Now Facebook wants to make sure that you REALLY, REALLY love us. They want you from time to time to interact with our posts.  How do you do that? Simply LIKED, SHARE or even COMMENT on our post. See image below.

Facebook measures the way you interact with our posts. It’s called ENGAGEMENT. Engagement is the FINAL key to most likely see our post.

Facebook is making sure that YOU control the content you see on your newsfeed. This is actually a good thing that Facebook let’s you have control over what kind of posts you want to appear on your newsfeed. However, since MAJORITY do not really know these features, pages such as ours ‘disappear’ from your newsfeed.

We’re hoping that you will keep supporting us and start ENGAGING with our posts. So be sure to LIKE this post and clicked on SEE FIRST.

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