Diner leaves waitress with special needs $112 tip and her reaction is priceless

There is no question, working in the field of customer service is one of the most stressful and under compensated job in the world.

Attending to the needs of a handful of customers while trying your best to give them a worthwhile experience sure ain’t easy.

And because they are also humans going through life’s up-and-downs, the ‘skill’ of being pleasant to people you don’t know can physically drain you – especially if they are being difficult. That’s why people in the customer service industry deserves a pat in the back once in a while.

For instance, one way of letting these people know that they are doing a great job is by giving them a generous amount of tip. This act of generosity is not only heartwarming, it is also a big help for people in the customer service field.

A now viral video of a server working in On Your Mark Cafe located in New York is making noise online. The cafe who employs people with special needs opened in the year 2001 in Staten Island, New York.

They aim to provide an innovative and comprehensive community-based services to people with developmental disabilities. Thus, in line with their mission, the profit of the cafe proceeds to the On Your Mark program.

In addition, since not all of the customers that come in their shop tip the same amount of money, the cafe decided that the staff gets to split their hard-earned tips during their shift.

When one of their server named Jen counted a bundle of money amounting to a total of $112 which a mystery diner left behind, all of the people working in the cafe were more than happy and ecstatic!

Wanting to immortalize the unbelievable event unfolding in their eyes, Nicole Jablonski, the cafe’s manager, quickly got hold of her phone to record the moment. After all, sometimes we want to go back to a certain time that made us so happy. And this is one of those moments!

In the now viral video, Jen is surrounded by her fellow workers who are counting the bundle of money with her.

As she was counting the money, one of her co-workers couldn’t suppress her disbelief, even uttering the words “Holy Macaroni!

In the defense of the hardworking servers, their genuine expression upon counting their huge tip is not an over reaction.

After all, a $112 tip does not fall on their tip box everyday. So with a smile as huge as the tip they have earned, Nicole shared her excitement and happiness with her fellow workers.

Celebrating over their huge tip, Jen and her co-workers exchanged a high-five! Since they share their accumulated tip with one another, Jen’s victory is their victory as well.

Feeling for the servers, various netizens expressed their happiness over Jen’s huge amount of tip.

“Very good Jenn keep up the good work!” A Facebook user said, praising Jen and encouraging her to continue the great job she’s doing.

“Well deserved!” Another Facebook user expressed, re-assuring Jen and her co-workers that they deserve the huge tip.

“Excellent service today. Thank yo!” Another Facebook user exclaimed, praising them for the great experience she had on their cafe.

Indeed, there is no doubt that Jen and her fellow workers earned the hundred dollars tip they have received. After all, working in the customer service field takes a lot of patience, fortitude, and determination to deliver a quality service to the customers. And Jen was able to fulfill all of these, giving her customer a good time in their cafe.

Watch the video below and see how Jen and her co-workers beamed with overwhelming happiness after counting the generous tip given to Jen by an unidentified customer! Their ecstatic reaction is contagious that it will surely brighten your day as well!

Photos and Video | On Your Mark



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