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Stood up by initial adopter, special needs dog with spina bifida finally finds forever home

Jack, a 9-month-old American Bully with spina bifida who got stood up by his potential adoptive family, is getting closer to finding his forever home.

About a week ago, the dog’s foster family prepared for him to meet his potential adopter. They gave him a bath and made him wear his fancy harness and Mickey Mouse diaper. Jack was more than ready to meet his new family.

However, after waiting for hours on end, his meet and greet person never showed.

Nicole Briggs, president and founder of Peaches Bully Rescue in West Chester, Ohio, said the no show incident was “heartbreaking.”

“His foster mom was in tears,” Briggs, 38, recalled of the sad day.

She called the adoptive family and left them messages and emails. Still, she never got a reply even days after. Unfortunately for Jack, this is the third time he has been let down by potential adopters.

Briggs founded the rescue in 2017, and they have saved 350 dogs so far. Run solely by volunteers, they serve all kinds of bully dog breeds and often accept dogs that other rescues pass on.

Jack arrived at the shelter five months ago in immediate need of surgery. After the operation, it was found that he had spina bifida, a condition that causes incontinence.

Sadly, doctors said it is a permanent condition and that the dog would have to wear diapers full-time. He also has club feet, which means he’s mobile but can’t go on long walks.

“He was a very sad case,” said Briggs. “He had not had very much human interaction, he was very scared. To see where he is now, this is why we do this.”

Briggs decided to share the sad incident on the rescue’s Facebook page, and by the next morning, it has gone viral. The post has been widely shared and seen by millions worldwide.

After that came an outpouring of support for Jack and the rest of the dogs in the form of warm wishes, presents, and donations.

And five days after sharing the post, the shelter said they got over 600 inquiries and nearly 300 adoption applications for Jack!

“Who knew that our little Jack Jack would be so widely loved,” Briggs—who has personally answered over 800 messages from interested adopters—wrote in a Facebook post. “Thank you all and please support rescue. We are the last chance for many animals in this world.”

As for Jack, the rescue will continue screening potential families so he can meet them soon.

Briggs described Jack as a lovable dog who is very personable. He also loves kids and playing with dogs his size.

“He is a ham,” she added. “A lot of people have told me he looks like Jack Nicholson.”

Jack has reached several milestones since he arrived at the rescue. He is now used to wearing his diapers, although Briggs said it’s like “changing a wiggly baby” when he needs a diaper change.

The dog has started socializing with other dogs and people. He also gave kisses for the first time last month, which was a pretty big day for everyone at Peaches.

The rescue said Jack would do well in a home where he is the only dog or one of two, as he has a tendency to get overstimulated. He also requires a raw food diet.

“There are a lot of things [to consider] with special needs dogs. People feel sorry for them — but then they also want to be like everybody else,” Briggs told New York Post. “People who have experience with spina bifida are a bonus.”

With all the exposure he’s getting, we really hope that Jack soon finds an adoptive family who will love and care for him as long as he lives.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.