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Single mom working 3 jobs surprises kids with new home they think is just Airbnb for night

A single mother worked three jobs to surprise her five kids with the best gift: a new home.

She brought her children to a beautiful house, which they thought was just an Airbnb, not knowing it is actually theirs.

Kimaada Ellison secretly bought her family a house after her partner of 22 years left them unexpectedly. The separation did not just break her and her children’s hearts but it also made them homeless.

They lost everything and because she could not afford to pay for their old house, they had to live in other people’s basements.

Eventually, she saved up some money for a smaller unit but it had only two bedrooms which were too small for her big family.

This was when Ellison figured things out and started doing extra jobs. She continued teaching while also working for Amazon and braiding hair.

She devoted 20 hours every day to her three jobs while still looking after her five kids. She also set aside her studies for a while and just hoped that one day, she will become a principal.

“I’m not going to say it’s fun, but I just kept thinking about the end result,” said Ellison. “I re-established my relationship with God, prayed for grit and endurance, and haven’t looked back since then.”

Finally, the day has come for her to see the result of her hard work and she wanted to share it with her family by surprising them.

She told her kids she rented an Airbnb which was quite similar to their old house. Ellison said it would let them relax, bake cookies, and celebrate Christmas the way they used to.

The children were pretty excited as they walked into what was supposed to be an Airbnb. They were amazed by the house and one of Ellison’s kids was surprised when she saw their family picture, asking where they came from.

Their mother asked her if she liked the house and the picture, trying to not reveal the surprise just yet. When she’s ready to tell them everything, Ellison asked, “what if I told you you could stay here forever?” Her daughter gasped in shock.  “What if I told you this is why I’ve been working all this time?” Ellison continued.

Her kids would not believe her and said she was lying. When she confirmed that she owns the house, all her children screamed in delight and disbelief. The smile on their faces showed how happy they were about their new home.

Ellison might have struggled a lot to give her family what they truly deserve but surely, all her hard work paid off after seeing her kids’ reaction.

“With kids, you know, they’re looking to you to have all the answers and to be the calm in the storm and so for me to be able to make it happen because I would always tell them I’m gonna make sure everything’s okay,” Ellison said.

After revealing the surprise, Ellison gave her kids a house tour. They were all excited to see each corner of their new home and find out where their room is. Ellison said she knows her children are proud of her as they saw her sacrifices firsthand.

She also has a message for everyone who is currently in a difficult situation. “It is never too late to accomplish your dream. It doesn’t mean it will be an easy trek along the journey, and Lord knows you can’t predict all of the twists and turns you encounter, or the trials and tribulations you face, but through it all – don’t quit,” said Ellison.

“It’s always easy to give up, but what are you teaching your kids? They hear what you say, for sure. But, most importantly, they are watching what you do.”

Check out Ellison’s sweet surprise in this video:

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Tuesday 7th of February 2023

You are a HERO!

Tuesday 7th of February 2023

Great story! Loved the video, congratulations !!

Shaonr Granger

Monday 6th of February 2023

Wow! Good for her/them!!!

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